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I just learned how to add my websites to my profile so others can see them. Maybe most of you know how to do that but I see many profiles without websites so I thought I would suggest adding them to your profile. It is a great way to support others. They can actually see sites and what they can look like, get ideas for theirs, or just find a site they want to keep watching. If you go to your Profile there is an option towards the bottom to add websites. I've just added mine. Katherine
It's so interesting how hearing that someone saw my website when they did a Google search gave me motivation to keep going! I have been plugging away with the ups and downs as everyone else has and then I hear this and I am so motivated to keep it up. Such a little thing like that can be so powerful. Yay!!!!
October 18, 2017
A little update: After 4 months I have 1 website completed and now I can just add to it: . I am working on 2 more and . I have learned so much as I move through the courses and I am so impressed with the community support. I am honored to be a part of it and, hopefully, soon I can offer some answers in return. I am anxious to get my first money to keep me going even if it's $1. Katherine
September 16, 2017
I'm getting there. I often have to go back and reread or replay a video to get something that I missed but I'm on my way!!! Katherine
I am pleased with my progress. Both of my sites have been indexed in Google ( and I enjoy the lessons. The videos are so helpful and I am able to get the tasks done after each lesson. I am still trying to find photos that I can use in my sites. I am a very visual person and feel photos help a great deal. I am finding them, slowly but surely. Katherine
July 19, 2017
I finally chose a theme for my website. It took me so long because I wanted to look at all of them and I'm a premium member. Thankfully, I found one I liked before I saw all of them. Katherine