Processes and Outcomes

Last Update: October 24, 2016

Nature exists and operates in a way that is consistent and somewhat predictable (I am deliberately excluding quantum mechanics. Nothing is certain at the subatomic level). You have probably heard the term, “history repeats itself“. We live in a world of operations, processes, cycles, algorithms, repetition, etc. When we discover how something of value operates, it is important to capture the details of the operation and see if we can repeat it. The internal processes of the human body that keep us alive are inherently repetitive. The process of life repeats every day, every hour, every minute, etc. Most of us are unaware of these repetitive cycles, because they are automated. The human body has been repeating these processes for as long as humankind has existed. When an operation has a history of repeating the exact steps again and again, this operation becomes predictable.

If the details of a beneficial process are known and can be repeated with certainty, then this process is a candidate for automation. We live in a world of automation. There are so many things that we do, that simply require pushing a button or flipping a switch. The details of what is actually happening are generally not known to us. If we continue to push the same buttons and flip the same switches, we know and expect what the outcome will be. If you are satisfied with this outcome, there is no need to change the process that produces the outcome. However, when the outcome is no longer satisfactory, the process must be changed to produce a different, satisfactory outcome.

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nyaaba Premium
Wow! great article.
JwYach Premium
Never really thought about it in such detail. I know I have been guilty of repeating things over and over and expecting the same result. Thanks for the blog, very informative.
Caroline67x Premium
Brilliant. Yes I totally agree. There are many things in my life that needs to change. My lack of time management and discipline. I have formed bad habits for so long now they are hard to change. If I want to succeed at WA, I will have to change my processes in order to achieve. Thank you
Toshmack Premium
Great post, many thanks.
Cheers Tosh :)
DanielF1313 Premium
Great blog, very informative and detailed. Enjoyed reading it :)