Going Premium - Day 25-26

Last Update: October 07, 2017

I feel like I'm nearing to my final stages of my first month, it feels weird because I don't want to leave and I know I won't be able to access all of this support anymore and even my website. I just have to keep working on things and another goal I have by the end of my 1st month premium membership is to become at least in the top 200 in terms of rank and at least have 200 people following and connected to my network

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McWord Premium
I felt somewhat like you during my first month. I resolved, however, not to concern myself with rank or a following. Instead, I attempted to provide assistance to everyone I could and to answer as many email as possible.

Rank doesn't equate to profit. What does, is creating a web site and monetizing it. That's where the profit comes from.

Hope this helps!

Loes Premium
Look at it this way, the educational material presented at the Wealthy Affiliate University is tremendously more than you get when you are purchasing any other online course. Or even go to follow a high school education, (which cost you easily $10.000 for 4 years). And it includes security, hosting, websites, back-ups, technical support, community support, and much more...

This is an opportunity you won't find elsewhere on the internet!
MKearns Premium
One peripheral and occasional benefit of rank is that it offers a great bio on your abilities in promoting to your site audience
Skydancer1 Premium
Well I just added to your list of followers.. so there is one more.. At this point in the game, try not to worry about the WA Ranks, thats my advice..

I ranked in Top 200 as well for quite a while,since then I have dove into my site way more than being on WA portal and my ranks suffered as a result. Im not worried, it's just a number.

It is nice to rank well but the focus needs to be on getting your site making money. then you can double back and work on ranks..

as long as you are active and contributing, your ranks will rise.

You have good goals, Keep pushing and you will make it..I am pulling for you.