How to turn a Blank Wordpress Blog Into $10,000 a Month Site Within 6 Months

Last Update: February 03, 2017

Yes, it can be done - It's possible to turn a blank Wordpress installation into a $10,000 a month passive income stream within half a year.

I have seen (read) it quite a many times how people have done it. And in this post I will reveal you their secret on how they do it. And how you can to achieve the same results.

But first, let me describe how I tend to feel when I read/hear about another such example of a mega-success (for me 5 figure income a month is a mega-success).

Our problem (almost always) is that we compare ourselves (and our achievements) with those more successful ones.

I struggle and I struggle and I struggle without any meaningful results and then comes a buddy who turns a blank Wordpress installation into a money machine within bare 4, 5, or 6 months.

And I think - Hey! What's problem with me? Why I cannot do it. Why I cannot emulate such success?

I feel inferior, want to call it a day, and walk away: "I can't. It's not for me. I am failure. Complete failure."

Guess what follows?

A nice, lonely pity party.

However, when I fave dug deeper, I have almost always discovered this well kept secret behind these snap-of-fingers-make-money-geniuses. I can confirm - If you apply this secret, I guarantee, you will achieve similar results.

So what's the secret, you ask.

The secret is this: I have discovered that almost always these noble ladys and gentlemen who know how to turn a blank site into a five or six figure money machine have...

Have what?

...Have at least 5 to 10 years of practice, trials, all kind of failures, frustration, hard work, and tons of experience under their belt in the first place.

And now they come, buy a new domain name, install a Wordpress framework, etc. Then snap their fingers and after bare 4 month the blog makes 5 figures already.

And you are left wondering why you cannot do it.

Well... You don't have these 5-10 years of trial and error under your belt. That's why.

Accumulate these years first and then you can snap your fingers too. :)

That's how life is (mostly).

That's why it has been said: Never give up.

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Tzbiz Premium
Great perspective!
egonsarv Premium
Thank you ;) And thank you for the follow. I followed you back :)
Mskay19 Premium Plus
Great post! Thanks for your insight. I never thought about it like that before, thought they were just lucky
WilliamBH Premium
Great Post .. we have read it many times in different fields of life .. the "overnight success" took years or trials, errors and failures before the success. Cheers, William.