6 Years in WA

Last Update: March 14, 2021

Wow, it has been 6 years already. Time flies fast indeed. :D

The internet marketing space has changed a lot since 2015. Content creation is getting better and actually easier with YouTube Shorts, TikTok. Which can drive more organic traffic to our offers. BUT also, it means MORE WORK to eliminate distractions & produce more engaging content.

To be honest, I've been slacking off. I will do my best from now on to grow on YouTube, and also start building a branded website with longer quality content.

Thanks for reading folks. Love ya all~

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Well done Edy, you say you have been slacking, that is a true milestone you have reached and something to be proud of. Best wishes as you continue to develop your online presence.

I have to agree with you, there are so many opportunities out there to create content
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Happy 6 Year WAnniversary, Edy!

Newme202 Premium
Congratulations on your 6 years anniversary!
As you've stated you have been slacking.
You've also stated your determination to start moving positively.
Success is imminent, grab this second chance with both hands
BrightSales Premium
Congrats on your sixth year anniversary friend. It seems that you have many years here at W.A. You've also seen the changes here and I think you know a thing or two affiliate marketing. I wish I had started earlier. But I can't say I haven't learned anything significant about website building and affiliate marketing.
If it wasn't for W.A., I'd just be clueless about building anything on the web and see them in action. And yes, time does fly by. The busier you are, the faster it goes. Also, I've never heard of YouTube Shorts. I know only YouTube. I will have to learn more. Thanks. All the best!