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Last Update: November 16, 2019

OK so we all read Kyle's message about the Black Friday Campaign. Sounds exciting, right? Those who have been doing it before are familiar with the ropes and ready to Rock and Rumble. But what about those who are new to this?

I feel that I am out in Left Field as the saying goes. Kyle in no uncertain terms stated that the best results are achieved by using an Email Marketing system. And he provided detailed tips on the criteria to use.

What if one has no Email list? No Autoresponders. No Email Capture system? Is there enough time to learn about how to set all this up, capture enough Emails to make it possible to make sales?

Glass Half Full

I am the eternal optimist. So what If I am not prepared. Now is the time to get started. I began looking for tutorials on this subject and Marion Black sent me the link to her approach for beginners to build an Email list for free.

Then there was GlenPalo who had an intensive tutorial that is great for more advanced members. My plan is to start with Marion's plan and after I get some Emails to market to I will graduate to GlenPalo's methods.

I have already incorporated the Black Friday banners into my review post for Wealthy Affiliate. At least I have that going for me. My site is generating traffic, but not enough for me to boast about. I have heard of members who are receiving over 500 clicks per month.

Google Analytics

I am way down compared to that as shown in the graphics below

When I look at this result I ask myself what is the probability of making sales? Probably zero. It is clear I need to focus on building traffic to my website. Which means to continue to write more quality articles.

This is a work in progress. I appreciate the progress I have made, but also know much more is needed to be done.

Second Opinion

Of course, I would appreciate a second opinion as well as advice on what areas I need to focus on to get better results.

The above data is based on only 39 posts. Even if I wrote one post a day I still wouldn't achieve 100 posts by the end of the year.

Future Plans

It is clear to me that I need to focus less on activity within the Wealthy Affiliate community and more on training, writing articles, building traffic via social media and much, much more.

This will definitely affect my rank. I will try to stay within the top 25. But if I disappear, you will know the reason why. I have proved to myself that I can achieve the ranks of Ambassador and can do it again if necessary. I have also proved to myself that I cannot spend as much time as I do here as well as achieve better results on my business. Of course, I would have liked to do both. Clearly I cannot.

So my Friends,

1) I will still make blog posts but not as often as I am currently doing.

2) Instead I shall be spending that time writing more posts for my website.

3) I will spend more time asking for and giving Site Comments and Feedback.

4) I will spend more time in answering questions.

5) For sure I will be asking more questions myself.

You won't see me engaging in blog posts as much like I am doing now. Please forgive me for that. I have noticed others here who have a similar mindset. Hence, I feel good about this decision. If doing what I stated above is sufficient to keep me in the top 25, that will be awesome. And if not, so be it.


I will have been in Wealthy Affiliate for a year come the end of December. I have made it my mission to promote the benefits of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate to others. I am gratified that I have two referrals, both of whom have completed their profile and one who upgraded to Premium. I must do better.

All my articles are devoted to that pursuit.

There is more research I must do to diversify my approach in writing new posts. There is only so much one can write about the merits of Wealthy Affiliate before my posts start to look alike.

I have started exploring the likes of Clickbank and other Affiliate Marketing clearing houses as I like to call similar places like Awin and CJ Affiliate. If I am going to write posts about these entities I want to become affiliates and thereby enlarge my portfolio of opportunities. The overall objective is to inform others who wish to become affiliates of these companies to also focus on getting the best training possible at Wealthy Affiliate.

In this way my website will serve a broader audience but still be within the Affiliate Marketing spectrum.

Closing Remarks

Has anyone else been in my situation? If so what steps have you taken to address it?

One of the ideas that many have written on recently is the importance of reviewing one's progress and being prepared to make modifications to achieve better results. That is how I see my next move.

I'd love to hear comments on point as well as counterpoint.

As always, I wish everyone here a very fulfilling Affiliate Marketing Journey.



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BraveMerida Premium
Just listen to your gut and your inner guidance - it will take you, eventually, exactly where you need to be :-)
The best of luck!
EdwinBernard Premium
Great advice Vesna. That is exactly what I'm doing right now. IT's helping me to focus on catching up with my niche blogs. I'm also able to do a better job in helping people here.

I freed up time by giving writing blogs on WA a break. More time is saved by not reading every blog and making comments everywhere. I know now that was so time consuming because I did that to excess. I will still be doing those things but at a slower pace.

Thanks again for your help.

Mick18 Premium
I understand shifting focus. I can't imagine the amount of time you have to put in to work on your site and still post here every day. I wish you all the best, keep us updated.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Mickey,

You hit the problem. I wasn't devoting enough time for my website. Hence My results are not acceptable to me.

I have already started to change course and wrote and published a new post aimed for Black Friday.If you want to see what it looks like you can find my Affiliate website on my Profile page. More post will be going up in short order.

Thanks for your support.

Mick18 Premium
It looks great, Edwin. Well done.
timstime20 Premium
Great question for new people
EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks Tim!

CordeliaN Premium
Edwin, I too have read several times about the benefits of working your own site over ranking, in fact a very recent post from Fleeky on Thursday said exactly that.

You are choosing to make a business decision based on streamlining and hopefully growing your website, increasing traffic and monetising this is something many community seem to favour rather than choosing the popular and more instant gratification of ranking.

I don’t know how some of them have the ability to juggle so many balls and still remain high in the ranks. I guess that comes down to experience....

Good luck. Keep us updated on progress 🤞👍
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Cordelia,

Let me share a secret. Initially I didn't have a desire to rank high. After I hit 50 I thought it would be a great experience to see if I could rise into the top 25. It was like a now or never situation. I knew this would distract from my website.

I also had in my mind that once I achieved that goal I would reset my focus on my website. That is exactly what I am doing now. My next goal is to sponsor 10 members who upgrade to Premium.

After I achieve that I will see what I need to do to amplify my results. I have no idea how long this will take, but the Black Friday event is a great place to start. My actions on WA will be more focused on helping others rather than writing regular blogs. I truly want to add more site comments and start earning money there.

As I achieve some successes in my website rankings and learn new tricks, I will create trainings here on lessons learned. And that earns money too.

As you can see I will still be active on WA but in a less visible role. I will also be writing blogs but not every day. Once a week will be more than enough. Hence I may still be able to maintain a reasonable rank, but that could drop me out of the Ambassador position. And that is OK.

I have a feeling that is the reason why many top earners here have let their ranks drop.

Let's still keep in touch.

Claudiojuan Premium
Edwin, you taught me that I should focus on what I want and I think you are the same. Generate money on our websites, that's why we are in WA. I ask you You will know that there are some members who enter more than 300 people per year. For me this is my maximum motivation. I want to get to that top and you? If another can what is my impediment .. The classification does not matter. I would like to see you in Las Vegas next year. Make them come true. It depends on us no one else.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Claudio,

You hit the nail on the head. I would love to add 300 new Premium members here. If they all paid the monthly subscription that will generate over $7000 in income. $84K a year ain't shabby!

Definitely worth working for.

See you at the top!