Should I Pick This Niche?

Last Update: September 16, 2013

One of the major struggles folks have when they venture into this business is finding the right niche. WA gives you some great guidance on this subject and even offers you a complete niche which is to promote WA. However I don't necessarily think the latter option is right for everyone.

Here's some advice about selecting a niche.

1. Niches can be like dirty underwear.

More than likely you'll probably change your niche a few times before finding the right one. Hopefully you're not changing it as often as you do your underwear (which should be daily by the way. lol). But it's perfectly normal to change niches.

It's like going to college. You go in with the intent to major in one subject and usually you switch to something else by your junior year. Your online business often plays out the same way. Sometimes you realize as you're going through a niche, it's just not what you thought. That's fine. All is not lost. You probably learned something that you will apply in your next niche! So it's okay to make a switch if you put in a good effort. I can't tell you exactly how much effort and time you should put in before you decide to make the switch. But usually you'll have a good sense when you consistently are at a lost of what to write, the niche doesn't really excite or when you realize you have no personal experience or input to add.

2. Pick your niche like you do your friends!

If you call someone your friend it's because you really like this person, you share a lot of common beliefs, interests, etc. You probably spend a lot of time talking or hanging out together. Well I tend to feel your niche should be the same way. Building a business takes a lot of time and energy. With that said you better be sure you're building it around something you want to spend a lot of time with and won't mind doing so even if you're not making money right away!

This is why I always tell people try to find a niche around something you do for fun already. If you're a crazy cat lady, then you might want to build your business around cats because you probably talk to other cat people, have bought a lot of kitty products, know kitty tricks and tips, etc. You already live your life as the crazy cat lady so even if you don't see money right away, you're less likely to give up and will push forward. So depending on your situation I tend to think that picking a niche around your passion, hobbies or experiences makes for longevity. Obviously profitability should be considered as well but if you're picking a niche solely because you've been told it's profitable, chances are you're going to fail because of what I described above.

3. Niches are like "bad ass" kids.

Eventually you will find the right niche for your online business if you follow the advice above. But like some "bad ass" kids, they are going to require a lot of your attention and a great deal of DISCIPLINE for them to grow into something productive. If you think because you spent a couple of weeks or months with your business, that you should expect to see some major results, you're in for a rude awakening. Your business is like being a parent, some days are better than others but you can't just give up if you don't see the results you want right away.

Can you imagine how many of us would still be in diapers and sleeping with our parents if we gave up the way most of us do with our businesses? You have to be willing to stick with it and deal with the tantrums and many uncomfortable moments to get where you want with your business. That can take weeks, months or even years. In fact, read this article so you can have a better idea of how long it will take your business to take off. At the end of the day, if you wouldn't give up on your bad ass kids, you shouldn't give up on your dreams or business because they should be like your little baby that you want to see grow.

In any event, I hope this article gives you some guidance and perspective. I've been running into some folks that are having problems with their niches and I figured this article may help some other folks going through the same thing. Let me know what you guys think by chiming in below.

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Crystal2010 Premium
Great advice
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks Crystal!
OldCodger Premium
An excellent post, Eddy!

So many dive into niches because they are told "This is hot! You'll make a killing with this one!" - only to find they have no interest in it other than try to make lots of money - instantly! Not being able to think in keywords is another disadvantage that I have.

One needs to be very clinical and selective and think only of how to manipulate these words, so they will make you money. A technique best suited to a used car salesman or a politician...? On the other hand, we're advised to write as we speak to our friends - openly and honestly, not like we're trying to con them into or out of something. I prefer to keep my friends as friends rather than to try and exploit them and turn them into my business partners. Perhaps this accounts for my lack of success in setting up an IM business. Doing it with strangers is no easy task.

With a stroke of genius, you have found a niche - NICHES!

:) george
EddySalomon Premium
Hey George, Thanks for the insightful comment! Clearly you've witnessed the misguidance of picking a niche because it's hot or laid out for you.

I don't think writing for your IM business has to involve any dishonesty. I've made a great living writing as if I'm talking to my friends which means also providing them with the cons of anything I recommend. That's what a real friend would do they would give you the good and bad. Unfortunately with a lot of marketers because we get paid for referrals and sales they tend to paint a false picture to get that conversion. But the reality is it's not necessary. Many people have joined companies I have recommended where I highlighted many cons but they appreciated knowing what some of the bad situations would be before going into the opportunity.

They didn't feel like they were going to be hit with surprises so they felt more comfortable joining. So it had just the opposite effect that marketers think will happen when they do really act like they're writing to their friends.

So I think you should try writing as if you were talking to your friends. Because when you do, you'll tell folks the good and bad and ultimately leave the decision up to them. And in my experience that leads to a very profitable business because people trust you more.
JoshDesha Premium
Fantastic Eddy. Thank you for the post!
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks JWarrenDesha! I'm glad you liked it!
nancykaye Premium
I really liked your article as it's written the way you think and talk. And the advice is valid. I didn't even take offense at your using the word "crazy" in front of "cat lady".
EddySalomon Premium
LOL, I figured that might get the attention of some cat loving person. But I'm glad you weren't offended and the advice was helpful! I like to entertain as I educate so I'm happy you appreciate my delivery. Thanks for chiming in.
abletodoit Premium
Hi, Eddy -- I kind of like the idea of promoting WA. I've had a lot of problems in really picking stuff that I know I'd be interested in "next year" not just today. So, that's what I'm going to do. Many thanks for the suggestion!
EddySalomon Premium
Hey Emma, I'm definitely not knocking promoting WA. I just don't think it always makes sense for newbies especially when you consider they don't really have a passion or experience in that niche. But for some people it may make sense. Thanks for chiming in!