Own It!

Last Update: December 13, 2012
Hi Everyone!

I received this image through my Google + account today and just felt it should be shared with everyone. I haven't seen such a powerful thought provoking image for awhile.

Dream About It - It is important to have and should be given time to create. It gives you something to aim towards and provides happiness.

To Think On It - Is creating a plan it allows us to make sense of the important things in the world to us. Helping us represent or interpret it in ways which makes it significant to us.

Study It - Well I think that speaks for itself because that is essential what we are all doing.

Live It - How many times have you caught yourself all wound up in what you are trying to complete or focusing yourself back to a task rather than trying to complete many.

Breathe It - As we get so excited about the value and the friendships found here at WA, we soon find ourselves telling our neighbors, family, friends, co-workers and people we don't know.

Take Action On It - We can read all we want but until we get our hands on experience, true masterpieces are waiting to be created.

You Can And You Will
Hard work, dedication and not quitting are key components.
Also remembering to exercise, take breaks, don't be to hard on yourself and have a good working environment.

Own It - All the above key words.

Believe It - That you are wonderful and capable of being successful.
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Deezdz Premium
Inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
lmc6837 Premium
Nice way to start off the morning. Thanks EC
I don't understand what I am looking at . I dion't know what I'm supposed to do with this. I am trying to learn about affiliate marketing . How is this supposed to help me . You said if I don't understand something I should ask for help. I'm asking . I don't think I understand enough to be getting involved with forums and social media stuff right now. What I really need right now is some verey basic fundamentals in affiliate marketing techniques. So far I'm not getting any, just a whole lot of confussing content . I will say this much, I'm getting a lot of practice in typing. DO you people really read all this stuff? I sure hope so. Please try to give me some meaningful info that I can use . I am really serious about how to do affiliate maeketing. Thank you
lmc6837 Premium
Hi Brunio. It does get confusing here. there is so much to read. A good place to start is on the left side of the screen. Look at recommended training. Go to "getting started". There are step by step instructions. If you start there you'll understand what to do. AFter you go thru some of the lessons, you can ask specific questions and someone can help you. The Getting Started instructions are very detailed. Hope this helps.
Thanks, yes indeed we should live our dreams!
Sherion Premium
Thank you for sharing this. Very good.
Best Wishes to You!
mama2karsten Premium
Thanks for sharing ECA... Julie