Possibly the Most Relentless Online Scam in 2013

Last Update: October 09, 2013

Warning to people who are attempting to make money online, that you do not fall prey to scammers.

There are specific thongs to look out for when it comes to identifying a program that may be a scam.

Buying Before You Qualify to Sell
First question to ask your self. If you have to buy the product in order to get paid for selling it. You need to think about that, why should you have to pay, in order to sell a product. Let's say you work at a car dealership, imagine how many cars you would have sitting at home, because any model you want to sell, you first have to buy one your self, so you can get paid for selling that particular model of car. Does that make sense to you? It does to Empower Network, at EN, in order to get paid for selling any of their products, you first have to buy it. Or if your uncle Joe feels generous, he can buy it so you can start selling it. Wow!

Having to Pay Membership Fee to Get Paid.
I kid you not. At Empower Network, even if you have already bought all the products to try and make money selling them. Wait there's one more fee you have to pay first. Yes a 19.95 monthly subscription, none commissionable fee has to be paid before you can get paid for selling their products. Lets go back to that car dealership to look for a job selling their cars. But the manager tells you that in order to get paid for selling any cars, even though you have already bought one of each of the ones you want to sell, you first have to pay a monthly fee to get paid. If you don't have that 19.95 monthly fee set up, we will pay somebody else for the cars you sell. Would you still want the job? That's how Empower Network does it.

Working By Teams
Don't kid your self, in Empower Network you are not alone. You are on someone's team. You might never hear from you up line, but you are on a team. You might have a day-job that keeps you from spending time to figure things out, go through weeks of training, but that's okay. You know in order to get help from your team, you have to first go all in, otherwise you are not serious enough. Or depending who's team you're on, you just might be damn lucky if they don't get a hold of you. Because if they do, and you happen to dumb enough to fall for their scam, they'll talk you into giving them 8500.00 and you'll think that you're going to get rich, until it dawns on you that you've been scammed.

All I can say is, be careful and find out first what people are saying about a program before you join. Because I wasn't careful enough and the person that scammed me is not responsible for my success. Thank God for that!

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bloveds Premium
Yeah, I agree. I was scammed by two programs just recently. Luckily I got my money back within the window.
Shields Premium
I only know that organization from what I hear here at WAU, and I never want them to hear my name. Thanks the warning!
Carson Premium
EN does not have a product, they have nothing that you actually get when you join other than the ability to scam other people. You get nothing, so there is no "product". You're essentially investing in a pyramid scheme where all of your money travels up the ladder.
BIS Premium
You're not the only person to have been scammed. Sorry you got caught by them.
Khaos Premium
Nice blog :) I did a little the same on my website in french and i post it on every group in the social network, i invite people to read it. One member of Empower Network join me in Wealthy Affiliate and he told me, that you can't compare, Wealthy Affiliate is the best !!!
I really think targeting ppl who are disapointed about scam like EN can be nice, let's show them how good and honest Wealthy Affiliate is !!!