Feeling the love

Last Update: November 10, 2016

I just wanted to say, i signed up to premium yesterday, I really am feeling the love, every one is sooo friendly and helpful, that sure makes me realize, i have done the right thing!

What i am doing, is totally new for me, i am so not technical minded! I am finding it a little all overwhelming, but the training so far is so easy, especially for me to understand! I am getting through the training slowly but surely!

I just want to thank you all, for being so welcoming and creating a such a positive vibe here at WA

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KelseyLim Premium
Just dropped by your site a while ago. Noticed you are off to a good start. Nice photos and the tight cropping of the horse back on the About Me page. Glad to note that you are able to ride again and may your wish come true to have a horse for 2017. [Kelsey]
EBellamy Premium
Thank you for taking a look, and your kind comments Kelsey
JeffDolson Premium
EBellamy Premium
Thanks Jeff
GomMagtibay Premium
Do the training bit by bit. And if you have questions, don't forget you have friends here to ask. :)
EBellamy Premium
Thank you, I'm getting on slowly but surely :)
Toshmack Premium
You will love it here, the community is truly helpful, friendly and amazing.
Any thing you are unsure of, please just submit a question and ask.
You will get help or an answer from the community in time.
You are in the right place here at WA.
You will get out of WA what you put in and the learning and tutorial resources are second to none.
It's the best I have found and believe me or ask other members, that WA is no scam and Kyle and Carson will always be available for advice, if and when you should need it.
All the best from Tosh :)
EBellamy Premium
Thank you that's reassuring to know :)