An Offer to Buy One of My Websites

Last Update: December 10, 2021

I was recently approached by a company asking if I was interested in selling one of my websites. My website is in the same niche as the company and they were looking to expand their online portfolio.

This is the first time I've been approached about selling one of my websites. The person whom I was in contact with mentioned how many of my pages rank on page one of Google.

I was even asked if I had previous SEO experience (which I do not.) I've only applied what I've learned in the training and what I continue to learn in the webinar classes here.

After some back and forth with the company, they sent over a proposal offering several thousand to purchase the website.

While I have decided to decline the offer, it goes to show what is possible when you put into action what is taught here.

If anything, this experience has only motivated me to work harder on this particular website and grow it above and beyond what I could imagine.

The fact that another company found value in the work I've put into the website is further proof that what I've learned here works.

It is a matter of applying what you've learned. Without action, there will be no results.

I can't stress enough how important it is to do something every day for your business. Whether it is writing a new post, keyword research, or watching a class, every action that you take counts.

Keep on creating content and don't give up!

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etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Eartha,

Wow, that is something to be proud of for sure. Even though you declined the offer, it's a great feeling to have when you put a lot of effort into it. It's more proof that the training here at WA works.

I always think my niche website could be worth a lot down the road, and potentially get offers as you did. We'll see, but it shows what kind of opportunities are available.

This story was great, I loved it. A great way to think about what's possible with a website long-term.

Thanks for sharing. All the best :)

Eartha Premium
Thanks, Eric! It was for sure an awesome offer. Up until they reached out to me, I hadn't even considered selling it. I'm going to keep pushing forward on the website and continue growing it. Keep applying what you learn here and creating content. It definitely works!
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Congratulations. Do something everyday and you will make progress. 👍🏼
Eartha Premium
Absolutely, Stanley! Thank you. :)
JamesWood4 Premium Plus
I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work. It is so nice to hear stories of how WA helped people. It gives us all motivation. Thank you
Eartha Premium
Thank you, James!
fortunedom Premium
Hello Eartha, this is a write up, serious encouragement for all of us starters here at wealthy affiliate. I wish you all the best in the years ahead. Thanks for sharing.
Eartha Premium
Thank you very much!
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Thank you for passing this information along. It is great to see. You are to be congratulated for your efforts.

WA may teach us how to do it, but we are the ones who actually have to do the work to succeed.

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Very true Alex. It is up to us to put in the work :-)
Eartha Premium
Thank you, Alex! I agree! There is no way around it if you want results. We have to take action on what we've learned.