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Last Update: Mar 8, 2020

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Hey my fellow WealthyAffiliatians how are you today? Certainly do hope all is well! as for me, it certainly is well.

This is "Content Of Encouragement" I hope will motivate or help in some way.

Today I would like to share a little word of encouragement to some who might just feel a little overwhelm, down courage, or not motivated in working online and achieving their golds at times.

I read a comment from a fellow member, commenting on trip to VaGas, and how difficult it will be to accomplish 300 premium referrals. My advice to her was better to try and fail, rather than fail to try, since you never know what can be your results.

It also look a little tall to me as well, but I use it as a motivation, never knowing how much I can really get. targeting 50 at a time.

In thinking positive towards it, getting 200, you can pay your own package to VaGas, and have a ball the same way, and wishing yourself better luck next year to get it FREE. I bet you never think of it like that!!

For this reason I decided to write this blog as to encourage some that might need a little poke here and there, encouraging them to keep pressing on, to achieved their golds.

I join Wealthy Affiliate in 2019 Dec. Really didn't do anything then, since the year was just ending and I was a little busy with other stuff.

I upgraded to premium in Jan. and get right to work with training and building my Online business, never have I experienced such a platform like WA online, a platform I was looking for a long time now.

Being passionate, determine and love working online, this new-found platform was and still is very exciting and promising form me with a whole new comprehensive training, that really open my eyes to the real things you need to do as to be successful in an online business.

Never have I wrote so much content since I started working online, which is a big part of Affiliate/Online Marketing, Kyle training teaches me so much, although I had a lot of training before, some was just a waste of time.

Having the right training and taking the right action, can really make you break barriers opening the doors to success online.

With the training I work tirelessly, going to bed late many nights, trying to build my site, content, setting up a powerful foundation for my business.

In January, I only received 3 referrals of which none upgraded, I wasn't too worried at all, since I just started.

I never got another ref. Until Feb. 27th, as I stated, I was working hard believing it will pay off. Between Feb 27th to now as I write this blog Mar 8th, I have received a total of "44 referrals" and yes and few sales.

I already beginning to see my hard work pay off a matter of 2 Months, That is so much encourages me to keep pushing on! I just had to share with others, as to let them know hard work really do pay off.

With my PPC campaigns in Bing and Google Ads, I do no wrong, starting with just a few concentrated, focus on ads that is converting.

Not to mention FREE traffic now goes to my site, with the content I have there in following Kyle's training. Many thanks to WA! I can now see a clear view of where I'm going, working Online.

I encourage all to keep pressing on! With this comprehensive training...if you take the instructed action, you bound to succeed online is how I see it.

Just might hit Vagas Target in three to six months, if you keep pressing< You Just never know unless you put in the work.

Enjoy your day my people.


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Keep moving forward you are doing wonderful.
Have a great week,

Thank you so much Earl for the encouragement and sharing your experience. Very much appreciated and happy to see hard work does pay off.

Keep working. You are learning and growing every day.

Thank you very much for your message.

Thank you for sharing words of encouragement.

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