I am frustrated.

Last Update: September 14, 2015

Yes, I am frustrated. I frustrated because there is soo much that I don't know. I watched liveclass nr 1., and do yet not get the grip of how things are connected. I am telling myself that I will understand gradually. Some is the language, and also the terms that I am not familiar with. I also think that I have to stick with my plan, and not sit too long everytime I work with this, to avoid collapse/burnout or what it is called in English. I am also aware of that I am on stage 2 in the learning prosess; Concious incompetance = I do know that I don't know. There are 4 levels, the first one is unconcious incompetance, (when I havent heard about WA) nr 3 is concious competance, and the last one, when one are very good at sth; Unconcious competance; You just do without thinking that much. Excuse if I did som misspellings here :-). It is good to know that this is normal, and as I work on and learn more, this frustrating stage will pass. Have a great evening.

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rog37 Premium
Yes, it is just like learning a language that you have never heard before so just take it in small steps.

I decided to learn as much as possible on how to speak Greek many years ago so as to be able to speak to them while on holiday. After 3 weeks, I had learned how to say 'Hello', 'Good Morning', 'Please and Thank You' and felt very proud of myself.

After a couple of months, I was sitting in the coffee bars with the locals having 'Broken English' conversations and being understood.

So just think that you are at the start of a learning journey, and all of a sudden one day you will say to yourself "Wow, I'm getting quite good at this!"

Keep at it, you will be there before you know it!

Eanet Premium
He, he, thank you for your support. I have had some learningprosesses before, and I came well out of it. It is good, though, to tell about it, so I get other people to confirm that, yes, it is so. It makes me feel better.:-) Great we have this community, it is priceless. Thank you again.
Eanet Premium
Thank you all for supporting feedback. I feel better. :-)
stingerbee Premium
Yes, you are completely normal. A lot of the stuff goes way over my head and it can be very confusing. I'm trying to not get frustrated because a novice who's never created a website before nor have done an online business before can't all of a sudden know all these terms and know what everyone is talking about. I'm taking it by baby-steps, on step at a time--and hope that some day I'll know what I'm doing!
Ronimoe Premium
I believe my english worse than you :) keep going Eanet... It will easier along the time
FHagstrom Premium
One of the best things here at WA is the step by step training.
Just learn one small thing, then apply it to your site then, go on to the next small thing and apply that.
If you get stuck, you can always ask questions
This way, it becomes less frustrating when broken up into small tasks.
Most of us start here not knowing anything and we learn as we go.
Hope this helps