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Last Update: February 10, 2018

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted anything in WA and I figured now was probably a good time. I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for just about 6 months now and am starting to see some increases that look pretty promising.


A while back Michelle (mybiz4u) wrote a post about how using Quora can be a huge help in generating traffic and improving your writing skills. ( I made a profile and started answering questions about my niche.

Other users of Quora seem to be responding pretty well to my answers so far. Last month, I was notified (by email) that I was a "Top 10" writer on two different topics (both within my niche).

It has been another great way to start building real authority. It's an almost-perfect social platform to spread the word about your chosen niche (especially since you can type in a question and see what people need answers to.)

Once you know what's being asked, you can research the answer and respond. Or, you can do some research, write an entire post about the topic, publish it, then go back to Quora and answer the question while dropping a link to your post!

Amazon Earnings

I've also started to see some success being an Amazon Affiliate now. I'm not making nearly as much as my original goal, but (as we're taught here) as long as we keep making quality content - there should be a snowball effect.

Here's a screenshot of my earnings from January.

This (and other Amazon Affiliate's posts here) gave me a more-realistic idea of how much traffic we'll need to generate a full time income.

It's definitely a good start but I still have a long way to go. (As far as I know, a 5% conversion rate isn't that impressive and if you're closer to 10% that's a lot better.)

50 Published Posts

I've also reached 50 posts on my website. Even after 50 posts, I feel like I'm just now starting to get the hang of what it takes to write a quality post. (Maybe I wasn't paying attention in the training as much as I thought I was.) Plus, practice makes better. ;)

Dylanrieger made a great training on writing "Best Of" posts and I started taking that approach to see what might happen. ( I'm starting to see some good results from that as well. We're also taught that this is a good approach in the Certification Courses. (Sometimes it's easier to write a few hundred words about 10 different products than 1500-2000 about 1 product.)

Overall - Excited To Keep Going

It's been a slow process that sometimes feels like watching paint dry (especially only seeing tiny trickles of traffic) but I'm excited to keep writing and learning more.

Just like a lot of other members here at WA have said, if you go through all the training, apply it, don't skip steps, and write quality content, you'll start to see real results.

I feel like I'm just getting started so there's a long road ahead of more writing, more patience, more SEO, and more social media interaction.

I would recommend taking a look at the posts I mentioned above to soak up the information for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post, I know it's a little bit drawn out. :) I hope you can apply what you've learned so far, learn some more, give it some time, and start seeing results within your niche too!

Glad to be here at WA,


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GailLowe Premium
Well done for this and thanks for sharing. It's so good to see your success. Congratulations. You're on the right path. Gail
DSweat1 Premium
Thanks Gail, I appreciate the kind words. :)

Much success to you as well!
GailLowe Premium
You're welcome and thank you.
SZev Premium
I love these types of posts! Congrats Dom! I just sent you a PM...
DSweat1 Premium
Thanks Stephan, I'll take a look!
AdeRobinson Premium
We seem to have started around the same time (January was month 6 for me too). I just published my 45th post, and following Dylan's advice really led to my Amazon sales. Your Amazon income is very similar to mine. Congrats man!
DSweat1 Premium
Ya I think you're right, congratulations to you too!

It's nice too see things start to happen after working and waiting without seeing what some might call "tangible success".

Glad to hear you're making progress as well. :)
iJared Premium
I needed this post right now. Thanks for that.
DSweat1 Premium
You're welcome, it's hard to stay motivated sometimes and other member's posts like this have helped me along the way too. :)

Glad I could help!
HowardJaros Premium
Awesome Dom! Thanks for sharing!
DSweat1 Premium
Np, thanks for reading!