I've Been Going Backwards!

Last Update: May 13, 2016

I have been going backwards this week! From 25 to 29.

What's Up With That?

Not exactly a success, or is it?

If WA ranking was the only measure of success, then I have not been doing so well. True success, however, is not measured in rank. Let us take a closer look at my week.

I have been learning a great deal about social sites and how they will help my business. This has been a weak area for me so learning this information is a giant step forward in the success of my business.

I have been writing a great deal of content in preparation for several new websites. This is a must in order to get my sites off to a great start.

I am well on my way to my goal of retiring from my regular job and working online full time with my online income fully supporting my family. This is a major success. I am looking at explosive growth in my business starting right away.

I am super excited!

My focus is not just an income but the fact that I can help people doing what I love!

That is success!

So I have not been here at WA as much this week and really over the last month. I feel bad about this but I am focusing on scaling up my business in a big way.

I hope that this motivates you to work harder, work smarter, and ramp up your business. Now is the BEST TIME to have an Internet business. Period!


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stevecox Premium
Dave - I think we all face this balancing act, and you must do what it takes to reach your goals (which you are doing). WA Ranking appears to be important but not the end of the journey, only a milestone. I am sure that providing a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle by growing your business IS the goal. Have a great weekend and thanks for the reminder for all not to focus too much on the Shiny Objects.

All the best,

dstaple1490 Premium
Thanks for the comments Steve.
Mike-Writes Premium
You have your eye on the prize and soon it will be in reach. That's what counts, Dave. Thanks for a great post. :)
dstaple1490 Premium
You bet Mike. Thanks for your support. Dave.
Keith10 Premium
Absolutely, prioritise and get moving.
Thanks Dave.
dstaple1490 Premium
Thanks Keith
JauA Premium
Hi Dave. Many thanks for this sage advice. Must add content. Must get affiliate links. Must stop reading and get going! Regards, Jan
dstaple1490 Premium
Hi Jan, It is great to balance both but at times, it is okay to concentrate on your business. After all, this is the important thing. Dave.
joyweb Premium
It sounds like you are doing great.
dstaple1490 Premium
Thanks Joy, I am excited about the future. How are you doing? Dave.