First 7 Days in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 05, 2016

Hello WA buddies,

I just wanted to share my experience throughout these 7 days in Wealthy Affiliate, mostly to the new members which is are still considering to go Premium.
Premium members are welcomed too :)

Before I start please listen to me, I'm not a techie guy with computer science background, I know almost nothing about coding, internet marketing or whatever related to earning revenue online but I know that there is a way to earn money online so I keep on trying to look for a platform which they provides me coaching on "How to earn money online by creating website like Amazon, Alibaba or any other ways to earn money online" until one day I found Wealthy Affiliate.


Well, the first day when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. My inner thought has already launched an "Anti-Scam" towards WA like everybody does. As I believe there are tons of websites out there which GUARANTEE you will earn five, six , seven or eight figure income online but you soon realized that after you joined them; they are all scammers, fake or even consisting of more and more upsells in order for you to go in-depth. Eventually, you got nothing but dumped your money into the sea. Anyways, I still joined WA BECAUSE it's totally FREE which I told myself "no harm to try".


I'm still doubt that this was real or maybe it was some kind of MLM (I know nothing about WA because I haven't really started reading through the courses because I DOUBT IT) , in the same time I started to accept WA. Reason WHY? Because Mr. Kyle and Mr. Carson were so smart tho :) They have created communication among the members which really helpful & a way to prove that this platform was real.


Curiosity & eager to earn more income makes me stay and go through the lesson provided. Soon and after I finally understand what Wealthy Affiliate is. I knew this was a platform provides us STEP-BY-STEP on How to Build Your Business Online.

I paid $19 to join Premium as because you couldn't find a community & a REAL online marketing education like Wealthy Affiliate. I've learned a lot from the community as well as from the lessons and Bootcamp provided here.

SEVENTH DAY : I have my website in progress to publish. It might not generate any income as soon as I publish my website. But I can see it's future bro :)

My piece of advice for new members,

You don't have to trust me but please give yourself a chance and also please give the courses a chance to explain themselves. Spend just a little of time going through the lesson. You will find the TRUTH.

My Journey To Freedom




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MasterEd Premium
Get ready for the best journey ever.

Best wishes moving forward.
DsonYP Premium
Thank You ed. Let's share our experience with each other when you've succeed :)
iodete07201 Premium
I am new also and I went through the same process and I got the same conclusion: WA is the best, I am happy here, I believe that next week I will publish my first website. You're very welcome here.
DsonYP Premium
I bet every new member would feel the same way we do. What's your first niche will be?
Thanks for sharing. We'll be in touch!
DsonYP Premium
You're welcome! No problem :) Hit me up in my profile if you need my help.
Jeg12 Premium
Welcome. You won't regret it. Best of luck.
DsonYP Premium
Thanks :) I've go thru few of your website. You did well! More to learn from you Jeg.
chrisbailey Premium
Nice post and welcome to WA Dickson. There is a ton to learn here, so take full advantage. Best wishes for your success.
DsonYP Premium
Thank You Chris! Stil a long way to go :D