Creating My Very First Video

Last Update: Dec 14, 2018

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So After A lot Of Nerves In Create A Video to Post To YouTube

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Hi Guys after a lot of thought about doing a video i have finally found a way to make one in order to promote myself and importantly leave Wealth Affiliate i have actually done it. I have to admit that his as slowed me down in my progress however if we don't find the courage no matter how long it takes it will ultimatley leed to use potentionaly failing in making it online.


Massive hurdle that i have crossed here and i couldn't be more happier at this moment in time and this can only spure me on yes i will run into stumble blocks but i will get there not only by my endeavours but also with the help of the free ADVICE we can get here at wealthyaffiliate.

HERE'S THE LINK TO MY Youtbe Video Just Click On The LInk Below To View



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Hello Dave, well done for creating your first video, the next one will be much easier I believe! Just for your interest, I use Camtasia or something called Easy Video Suite, which is really simple to use. If I was starting again today I would probably use Snagit as I don't use the full functionality of Camtasia and Snagit is much cheaper to purchase in the first place and I believe has enough functionality for most of us.

I tried to click on your video Dave and it warned me about the content of your video, but I still clicked on and then it said there was an error on your video and I was unable to watch. It may be worth checking that it's okay your end.

Enjoy your day.


I will check that out when I get in from work again thank you Roy

No problem Dave, I hope you find that all is well.


Thank you, Roy, speak soon take care if we don't connect all the best for Xmas and 2019

Thank you, Dave, and much appreciated! Have a great Christmas and I really hope that 2019 brings you huge success online.

Enjoy your day.


Hi, Alteredsoul, thank you for your great comments a bit of both i edited it myself, and thanks for the follow i will be doing some more videos soon

Wow! Great progress! The video looks stunning. Did you go for outsourcing or use a friend? I followed you on YouTube so I can track your journey.
Best of luck.

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