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December 14, 2018
So After A lot Of Nerves In Create A Video to Post To YouTubeWealthy Affiliate Making Money Online Have A Website For Free With Free HostingHi Guys after a lot of thought about doing a video i have finally found a way to make one in order to promote myself and importantly leave Wealth Affiliate i have actually done it. I have to admit that his as slowed me down in my progress however if we don't find the courage no matter how long it takes it will ultimatley leed to use potentionaly failing in
November 07, 2018
Hi, Guys, whilst i was on the road this morning doing my job i received 3 emails from Kyle telling me that another 3 of my posts have been index, now sometimes it feels as though it's a slow furrow and long journey.That said without the encuoragement from the team and you guy's i think some of us would just give up, now there doesn't seem to be a ryhme or reason from time to time but every action creats a reaction and i think that's the purpose of it all so to my 3 messages...
November 04, 2018
Wow I can't Beleive.Google IndexedLast Update: November 04, 2018Wow I can't Beleive.So i updated to my own website and beleive me i was worried about this due to fact that it takes some time to transition from siterubix to your very own domain. It's now 10.10 pm here in the UK, and i have just received this from Kyle.2 Nov 2018 20:08:29 GMT Transaction ID: 7U314652GD170193E Less Than 50 hrs GET IN
November 02, 2018
Well I Took The Next StepThis article won't be very long in content I'm writing it to tell everyone that i have just purchased my own domain name via WA, and i have to stay what a fantastic deal that your get from them.It includes everything that your need from an website provider and your have the peace of mind that your are covered from all sides so your have no worries about being hacked or spammed, which gives your huge confidence in moving forward with your business or businesses here at
Just a Quick UpdateI have just been looking on the web and searching on the main 3 and ihave found that i'm on page I. This is great news and it also means that will get noticed more when people are lookinfg for Affiliate Marketing Programs onwards to the next step.
October 01, 2018
Well Guy's things are happening now in small steps but things have a pupose.
September 24, 2018
Pain To GainThis is a very important curve that we all have to go through in order for us to make progress in our lifes it can be a slow furrow and a long journey that we must undertake to improve our possition in thi sometimes cruel world that we live in.It's a sad truth that all that glitters isn't gold has much as we all would like it to be, this would be much easier journey if this was the case that said we must stay strong and carry on regardless of the stops and the starts along our way t
September 22, 2018
Hi, Guy' nGirl's I just want wanted to drop a line and say good morning or evening depending on where you are in the world.And to wish you all continued success here at WA, my progress is coming along i haven't made anything yet but feel at some stage i will, i am just trying to get my ebay affiliate program set up. But in the mean time i have a piece of software thart you may be interested in and it's totally Free to use so here it is enjoy.easy-sketch-pro-free/Cheers Dave
September 19, 2018
Hi, Guy's and Girls Well i just set up my google analytics on my website under the guidence of the training of course and it's just amazing the things that we are being taught here at WA, i love it thanks to Kyle and Carson.
Hi Everybody and welcome to my blog…Hi it's Dave Here…I’m i’m just starting my Blog on my website today is the 25 th August 2018.I started building this website within Wealth Affiliate on the 5th of August and i'm slowley going throughn the training it's been abit hit and miss due to my partner and i being on holiday for the first 2 weeks in Aug. So now where home and i went staight back to work the day after coming of holiday, i currently work for a shoe manufacturing