Treating Everyone Equally is More Important

Last Update: October 26, 2018

than thinking you're better than someone else since it only shows your true feelings. We may not always recognize what we're doing to others because we may be repeating the same behaviors that we experienced as children from our parents.

This is often why so much negativity is passed around from peer to peer, parent to child, or teacher to student. You can even see the consequences of this behavior when your president spews hatred which encourages people to abuse others as they see fit.

It will take someone who admits that what they're doing is wrong and changing their behavior before you can see their followers change their's. Poor leadership is for leadership and creates a hostile environment around them.

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cramervod Premium
The problem here is that nobody = another person. To say you want to be equal means that you will lose what truly makes you a one of a kind unique individual.