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Last Update: October 07, 2017

Through Evernote I've shared my blogs on LinkedIn and received analytics like this of views and the breakdown of their background---this is a screenshot

Everyday is a New Beginning

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Occupation reach

3 people who have the title Salesperson viewed your post

  • CEO / Executive Director 2
  • Business / Corporate Strategist 1
  • Service Engineer / Technician 1
  • Research Analyst 1


Your biggest audience is from San Francisco Bay Area

  • Greater Atlanta Area 1
  • Jacksonville, Florida Area 1
  • Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area 1
  • Hyderabad Area, India 1

Most of your views came from your 1st degree network

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McWord Premium
LinkedIn will be my first business venture into the social media world. I'm already a member, so the transition shouldn't be too difficult.


ValerieJoy Premium
That's very interesting Davida. Great results. And, thank you for sharing.

I have a Linkedin account. I started it some years ago when I had a virtual secretarial business. Linkedin still contacts me. I received a message from them yesterday about my email contact. I was really surprised to receive it.

I've been hesitant to promote my affiliate marketing website through Linkedin, but seeing your results makes me think more seriously about this.

I believe I opened an Evernote account a few years ago, but never used it. Seems like it's time for me to revisit the 'archives' and take some action.
DShensky Premium
Glad it helped you see the value in the platform. It changed since it was initially launched. It's now owned by Microsoft. What I like about it is the professionalism of the connections you make
ValerieJoy Premium
Very true Davida. Those members are focused strictly on business.
MKearns Premium
I'm amazed at the variety of reporting that comes from Evernote. Well done!