Last Update: October 03, 2019

Just completed the initial training and set up.

I think I'm more pumped now than when I first learned about affiliate marketing a couple years ago(but never truly took action).

I blasted through the initial phaze here at WA in just a couple of days. Now I'm looking forward to learning how to streamline my first website, set up affiliate partnerships, and start working on Google ranking.

The sky is truly the limit.

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JulianG1 Premium
Good luck and enjoy your time at WA.
Benjamin50 Premium
Thanks for realizing the value of WA. I hope that together, we be there in the pinnacle of success. With all hope.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
The sky really is the limit, and it all gets better the more you do.

Gun those engines. This is your success we are talking about.

Lily 😊
klchang Premium
Happy for you, Drew and glad that you are benefitting from the training. All the best to you and your loved ones.
megawinner Premium
Way to go! Keep going. No matter what it takes. do some little task and keep the momentum going. To put it in the right perspective, what we are doing here is as good as having a business down the street.

The only thing is this is a smarter way to do it in this modern time. Every day put an input. Imagine looking back what those little inputs will look like after a month, 6 months or after a year? Motivate yourself with a compelling reason. See you at the top Drew! - Florentino