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October 03, 2019
Just completed the initial training and set up.I think I'm more pumped now than when I first learned about affiliate marketing a couple years ago(but never truly took action).I blasted through the initial phaze here at WA in just a couple of days. Now I'm looking forward to learning how to streamline my first website, set up affiliate partnerships, and start working on Google ranking. The sky is truly the limit.
October 01, 2019
This is my first blog here. I began writing this with some questions for anyone who reads it, but I think it is better to simply use this blog as a flag in the sand...this is where I began. As of today, I've done probably in total about 10-20 hours of research on this particular industry(probably not enough to be as confident as I am about taking this on). I have only just now found out about WA and feel like it is exactly what I need to get my feet wet. As I set sail on this voyage, I expect t