A small change equals a small success. And big motivation!

Last Update: June 16, 2015

So I have been SLOWLY plodding away, building my website. I don't have a lot of posts up, but I have been working on over 50 pages that will be for paid members of my online program for treating back pain.

A couple of months ago I added an opt in form that popped up 5 seconds after someone landed on my site. It was a fairly generic looking thing, elaborate but not exciting. Anyway in 2 months I had absolutely no-one sign up!

So last night I changed the design, making it much more straight forward and put it in as a permanent opt in form in my sidebar.

This morning I was checking my stats. 10 sign ups over night!!!!

For the first time ever, I have the startings of a list!

I also had exactly 100 hits on my site yesterday, my best yet (just).

So far, a very good day.

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kirkW Premium
edtay78 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Congrats and wishing you Success!
DrBrad Premium
Thanks Edmund.