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So, I haven't posted on WA literally for a few years. I haven't even used the resources here for some time as life just got in the way and I did not have time I needed to keep my focus here.I have a few websites that I host here, and they are just ticking away, earning a bit here and there. To be honest, the return I was getting was not really worth the time I had to put in, and my energy was better spent elsewhere. But I kept my sites and did the odd bit every now and then, plus the platform m
February 25, 2016
Having some trouble getting some work done today. I keep watching the live broadcast of the Eddie Aikau Classic at Waimea Bay in Hawaii.For those that don't know, this is probably the pinnacle of world surfing. Big balled guys surfing big balled waves.The thing that makes this so special is that they can only run the event when conditions are right (that is, when the waves are big enough!!)The last time it was held was 7 years ago, in 2009. For those that love surfing, this is a special time.It
So some people might think that I am crazy. 'You made zero in your first year, what are you doing man!'Let me explain why.I started here by accident really. I was just having a look into how people made money on the interweb. I came across amazon affiliates, clickbank, WA, and a few others.So I ended up signing up for my starter month, which then became a yearly membership.I was pretty quick with coming up with my niche, I wanted to create an online version of an exercise program for back pain
July 14, 2015
I have spent a good 2+ hours working on my PC this morning, mostly video editing and working on my website.So I decided it was time for a break, and thought what better to do during Australias coldest days in years than to take the dog for a walk on the beach! I actually do this most days believe it or not, it is one of the positives of where I live. I was even able to just walk in boardshorts and a t-shirt!Around this time every year the humpback whales are migrating up the east coast to calf
So I have been SLOWLY plodding away, building my website. I don't have a lot of posts up, but I have been working on over 50 pages that will be for paid members of my online program for treating back pain.A couple of months ago I added an opt in form that popped up 5 seconds after someone landed on my site. It was a fairly generic looking thing, elaborate but not exciting. Anyway in 2 months I had absolutely no-one sign up!So last night I changed the design, making it much more straight forward
March 03, 2015
OK, so I dropped the ball for a while. My first 2 months here were full steam ahead, moving through the lessons and building my website. As a total newcomer it was quite overwhelming, and when I started to hit a few technical snags like setting up a paid membership site and having trouble with ads from shareaholic I started to lose focus. Doubts crept in that there were parts that I couldn't do myself. I still did a bit here and there, but all momentum was gone. Other things took over. Every ti
Hey! I have just gone premium. Yay! And I can tell you I am totally overwhelmed! Not just by the mountain of content here on WA, but by all the ideas that keep popping into my head like fireworks. I have come up with several niches (I have a lot of varied interests), niches within niches, ideas for content. I even woke up last night with new ideas for blogs and content that I had to get up and right it down! I am overwhelmed by the amount of work I have in front of me, going through the trainin