Going Viral on Youtube

Last Update: April 27, 2016

So, following putting a video on Youtube a month ago warning people of an online Scam - My daily traffic just keeps on increasing!

One of the videos has amassed over 7,000 views so far, and is directing a good amount of traffic to my Blog.

As a result, I am getting numerous daily comments on both my Blog and my Youtube Channel. Not to mention daily opt-ins to my email list, which I have links for in my Youtube video descriptions and on my website.

I am also getting daily referrals into WA.

I must say, it is quite exciting, I am starting to grow, and my online presence increasing. I got a lot of hate online for my last videos (from people who refused to open their eyes to the truth), but now everybody has realised I am right (The scam shut down the other day) - everybody is now trusting my judgement, which is great.

I have put an article together about how to use traffic to earn passive income with Google Adsense - you can find it here -


I would appreciate any feedback you great folks have.

Time to go respond to the hordes of comments I have waiting...it never ends...!

Have a great week all,


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AndiTointon Premium
This is awesome. Haven't tried this.
dragolith Premium
I recommend =)
Ashbourne Premium
Really pleased for you! That's an impressive number of YouTube views in just a month!
dragolith Premium
Thanks Caroline, yes it is...that one scam was VERY popular unfortunately...but now it is over and my traffic sucks again!
Ashbourne Premium
Damn...well on to the next one, then. Great that you're showing them for what and who they are! Hate ripoffs and scammers!!
HillaryH Premium
that's great!!! so exciting when the momentum begins to build!!