WHAT? Your FB Account Gets Shut Down- RELAX -You Have OPTIONS-Really!

Last Update: Jan 24, 2019

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The FB Super Highway

You are placing ads, sweeping the front sidewalk of your Website store front, minding your own business and following up on the leads you are generating..... all good right?


The FB Police has decided based on their Algorithmic Bias's to SHUT Your Business Ad Account Down.

Now What?..........

Are you done?............

Have you lost the ability to continue to Advertise on this Super Highway?.........

If, you are running your Paid Marketing from This traffic source as your Primary vehicle this could cripple your momentum.

Fortunately there is Good News

Below I will share some TIPS of what to do IF and WHEN your FB Busines Ad Account Gets Shut down


FB Polices and Standards

I know As a rule People do not usually go to this level of Due Diligence but in this case and as a general rule .... A really good practice.

Before you begin advertising on Facebook it is important that you set aside some time to review their Advertising Policies (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

and Community Standards:


This won’t be your most riveting read of the year, but the articles linked to above are very important for you to read through if you are serious about working with FB as your Marketing Platform so to generate Traffic and Leads

So set aside some time to carefully read them. Seriously, don’t just scan through them. There’s a lot of subtle intricacies to be in the know about.

Once you have reviewed the material link to above, take the quiz below to test your knowledge.

Yes there will be Quiz after....ARGH

Also, a good idea to REREAD these every 4 Months in the event that they were changed (Make a note on your Phone to remind you)

The Fan Page and Business AD Account

First off lets understand that a FB "Fan Page and the FB Ad Business Account is a different beast altogether than your Personal FB Page ... Two Different Units.

You will need to start a FB Fan Page so to add an AD Business Account to it. and at this point you will have an opportunity to place ads both from the FB Fan Page and or the FB Business Ad Account.


Your Ad Accounts on your Business Page

Like mentioned above you will have the opportunity to place Ads on BOTH your Personal Ad account and your Business account

What is recommend is to ONLY placing ads from your Business Ad Account and using your Personal Ad Account as a backup in case your Business Ad Account was ever shutdown. Therefore, BEFORE placing ads make sure that your Business Ad Account is selected and NOT your Personal Ad Account. In the Drop Down Menu.

Title them accourdanly

Give them their own individual titles

"IE Paniccia Leadership 1,2,3 etc"

One of the benefits of creating a Facebook Business Manager account is that it gives you the ability to create Multiple Ad Accounts....

Just how many? It depends on a lot of factors. Some people can only make a few ad accounts, others can create over 30.

So how many should you make?

Answer.... As many as you possibly can.

Only 2 Ad Accounts... That's not enough!

Generally Unless you spend some money on the FB platform you will only like be allowed 2 Ad Accounts but it would be advised that you retry to get more Ad accounts every 2 weeks and again until you can establish as many Business Ad accounts as possible

Make a notice reminder on your phone to check to see if FB will allow you to acquire More Ad Account every 2 weeks.

So that if an Ad Account you just set up ever gets shutdown, you stand the best chance at being able to easily transition to this new one.

Also, you will only have left your FB Fan Page to create Ads in the event that you use up your Ad Accounts (If you only had a couple) and that would leave you with whole new set of challenges that will Not be easy to fix if it also gets Stopped.

Credit Card Information

You only what to be placing your CC info on the First Ad Account for a very Specific reason

You DO NOT want to add any payment method to your backup Ad Accounts until you have to USE them.

If, the main Ad Account is shutdown only then should you add a payment method to ONE of your backup Ad Accounts.

And remember, it needs to be a DIFFERENT CREDIT CARD. If you use the same credit card associated with the account that was shutdown, this one will also be shutdown.


  • Read and review the Advertising Policies (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/ and Community Standards (https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards). 3 to 4 times a year
  • Understand Them also Try to stick to the Polices and Standards as Much as possible
  • Create a FB Fan Page...
  • Create As many Business Ad Accounts as possible with consistantly going back every 2 weeks to see if you can create more.
  • Using the FB Fan Page as your last resort.
  • Name each Ad account "(IE Dino Marketing Campaign 1 etc)
  • Have a DIFFERENT CC for each Ad Account you are using IF and When it gets Shut down
  • You will also need to have a Business Email ;Your business email should be different from the email address you used to login to your Personal Facebook account

Relax- You Have Options...... Really!

So again If you what to play on the FB Super Highway it will not be a matter of IF your ad account will get shut down it will be WHEN

By following the above tips you will be in the Game for the Foreseeable future

As always let me know if you found value in this blog and leave me some WA Mojo with the likes....

Thanks for the moment

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    Wow, we had no idea! Thank you so very much for giving us these important details. We have saved it as a resource.
    C & P

    Nice Guys

    Am glad you found some Value in it,

    It was a question that has been floating around the Platform, so Though it would help

    Thanks so much for the WA Mojo

    Keep rocking it guys

    Cheers from COLD Canada


    Thanks Dino. I'm holding a grudge against FB at the moment for closing my business page without warning and not engaging with me about what was wrong with it. I cannot understand why they did it and the fact that they have that one sided power with no recourse or even willingness to converse about it has annoyed me!

    When I'm over it I'll think about advertising. I thank you for posting and I will come back to this.


    Hellos Melissa

    Yes, it is truly a Bias that is tough to get a handle on.

    Sorry to hear

    But going forward if you are able to get more than one Ad account it will simply be moving over from the one account that is shut down to the new one.

    Just ensure that it is NOT your FB Fan page.

    Keep me in touch as to when you are up and running again.



    Hi Dini
    Really appreciate this information, many thanks.

    Hello Louise

    Am glad you found some value in it, and thanks so much for the Mojo



    Very valuable. I've put a gold star on there so I can find it again. I certainly want to read the FB policies whose URLs you posted. Thanks so much!

    Hellos Fran

    Am glad you found it to be of some value

    I noticed that it was a concern going around the platform

    Thanks so much for the comments



    Hey Dino,

    Thanks very much for the great tips. This is very helpful and I do have this bookmarked.

    Have a wonderful day!


    My Pleasure Monica

    It was something that was being asked a lot on the platform.

    Am glad you found it valuable.

    Keep making it happen



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