Learning To FLY!

Last Update: Aug 3, 2018

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Air Show Weekend

Well just came back from a two-day event that was out of town, and about 3 hours drive from my home city of Edmonton to a city called "Cold Lake" Alberta.

It caused me to be away from my WA Platform for a few days, but what was so apparent was that even though I was not working was able to get inspired to write this post, based on the "Celebration of Excellence" that was on display by these amazing professional Pilots.

Cold lake is the city that houses and carries our shared portion of the Air force along with Bagitvile Quebec Canada.

Cold Lake has their Flying events annually both in reference to the Air "lets see how we can impress you with these incedable machines" show

To their more tactile presentations called "Maple Flag" where Canada invites other nations to come a play "sky games"

Both as always are a real treat to see and enjoy.

This year was especially prestigious for the lead Pilot is one of the most experienced and highly trained fighter pilots in the entire Canadian Air force and is a dear friend that I have had the privilege to watch him build his incedable 15 year career with the military.

The Path to Excellence

This path did not happen by accident, it started a very young age As far as memory serves all he's ever wanted to do is FLY and be a PILOT.......PERIOD!

I have seen pictures of him as a 5-6 year child, with toy airplanes in his hands.................

By the time he was in his early teens before he could get a Car license he had already had his Pilots license.

From that his experiences in his life almost like that of a homing pigeon's ability to finds its way home guided him to that place in a cockpit of an f-18 Hornet.

The way our minds work is that we have Filters that only allow us to see what we want to see, and faze out the rest of the experience.

The Reticular Activating System or RAS

It's the RAS part of your brain that

  • Dilutes
  • Perceives
  • Assumes and
  • Evaluates "out there"

We can only pay attention to that small band of Reality "out there some people may call it your "Rose Colored glasses"

So what tells the RAS what to pay attention to at any moment in time?..............

What polices our thoughts and determines what is going to Filter through to your conscious and tells your RAS what to "Focus on"?....................

It's Your "Paradigm".

"A Paradigm is a standard-perspective or set of ideas. A paradigm is a way of looking at something"

Paradigms correct or incorrect are the sources of our

  • Focus
  • Attitudes
  • Meanings and
  • Behaviors.

"People will see the world not as it is, but as THEY are" Stephen Covey

Very powerful stuff both Positively and conversely Negatively.

Without getting too much down the 'Rabbit hole" of this science just am sharing the importance of knowing your

  • Goals
  • Values
  • Clarity of Future vision
  • Purpose

"The sooner you can get Focus on your Purpose the sooner the Universe call align you path its that simple" ...............that's the gift!!!

To all of the TOP GUNNERS out there..............

That "Loving Feeling"....

Nobody is born anything outside of a human being, everything else you become!

So this means that you can do Anything you want but you cannot do Everything.

Get Clear and Focus on you Values and Goals (Write them down, and Review them regularly)

This young man, educated himself, realized that he had to join the military and through "LUCK" managed to get assigned to fly the fighters (first the HAWK then the HORNET) and went on to live his dreamed of life.

Was it really LUCK?.....................

LUCK as they call it is simply

  • Labor Under Correct Knowledge.................

Correct Knowledge comes in many shapes and sizes simply from Doing and Experiencing, to Mentorship and Coaching.

But the only way to get results of any type is to simply DO........ Take ACTION.............. Rubber to the Road....much like what we are experiencing here at WA.

Plan out how you can make this happen, Do Something... Do ANYTHING.... FAIL Often, just so to get outcomes, learnings and result.

Benchmark these Results against your Future Vision, assess and adjust so to make the necessary changes. (A Homing Pigeon)

State you Purpose Get L.U.C. Ky never "Lose that loving feeling" and

.........LEARN TO FLY!...............

To all my friends at WA heres to our 'Celebration of Excellance"

Please as always are welcome to leave me you comments and or thoughts, also as always.....

Thanks for the moment

Recent Comments


Thanks for an enjoyable piece of writing Dino. I'm happiest when I'm flying, a blessing and privilege that I never take for granted.


Thanks so Much, Les

My hats off to you brother it's a real passion for all of you who strap into the cockpits.

And finding that passion in of itself is truly inspiring to hear.

So many people never find that ONE thing that sets there souls on Fire.

Thanks for the comment glad you enjoyed and will look forward to us flying high with this skill set and profession in 2019.

Cheers myman


Yes Dino, after crawling and running, now time to fly!
And only the sky is your limit!
Well done!

Thanks so much

Inspiring post Dino, I had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a Typhoon at an air show in the UK. You certainly have to admire the people, men and women, who have the ability to fly these sort of aircraft effectively, Best Alan

Thanks Alan
For me it was the F-18 but your are right, Real Impressive!!

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