So I either made a life changing decision or got scammed

Last Update: December 14, 2014

I've been hearing great things about wealthy affiliate. I first heard about it from Nathaniell Brenes of Later I heard more about it from various bloggers. I already have a website with over 20 articles that gets ranked in google(not ranked that well in google, but hey! they rank a little bit!). The website started in late September and I've made about $40-$60. I recently got a couple guest blog posts on fairly high authority niche related sites. My biggest achievement so far is learning to love writing. When I started, I hated writing. I would put out good content, but it was like a slave-shift to write. Now I look forward to writing 500-1000 word articles daily. Yay!

I'm looking into how I can take my affiliate game to the next level. My goal is to get $1000 a month by the end of this year whether it's from one website or multiple sites.

I am 16 and still in high school. I've weighed my options multiple times and I feel like higher education isn't for me. That might sound a bit arrogant, but I care about my future a lot more than my friends who want to go to college so they can become "successful". I've learned most of my valuable skills online such as programing(html, css, java, cpp, and a tiny bit of IOS development) and even music production.

So far I'm loving every aspect of the web-trepreneur lifestyle. Everything from the web design, to writing, to promoting, to profiting.

Wealthy Affiliate, I hope you can help me out!

Thanks, Doug

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OrenL Premium
Well... It looks like you've come a long way since this humble little post, Doug! I too am into electronics (building analog synthesizers) and software development (mostly iOS these days).
dougbeney Premium
Very cool! Have you experimented with Android development?
GApt Premium
I am 62 years of age and just started WA one day ago and you are making a very good decision Sir. I wish that I were 30 again yet I thank God for Eternal Life in Christ Jesus alone, thank You.
mruiz0884 Premium
Doug, You are making the decision at the right time, I wish I knew this stuff at 16, where Im 30 now getting started. Anyway, unless you plan on being a doctor, I wouldn't worry about college. You could learn anything on your own just by reading or listening to a book depending on how you learn best without spending hundreds per credit. You are well on your way to success and at the right time. I definitely look forward to hearing more of your journey. Just remember to save for the future but live life to the fullest everyday! Do not hold back!
nathaniell Premium Plus
What's up Doug - this is Nathaniell. Yup, the same guy. I've been a paying member here for 4 years now, so if it's worth my money, I'm sure it's worth yours too!

Just wanted say hi, show you that I'm a real person, am active in the community, and let you know that you can contact me if you ever need any help bro.

Good luck on your journey man, and I'll be checking up on you in the coming weeks + months to see how you're doing.
dougbeney Premium
Awesome. Thanks man. The response time is crazy fast here. Btw I like your Brew7 site. I hope it has been profitable for you!
AnnegretS Premium
Hi Dough, I know you made a life changing decision. The training you get here and the support of WA and the community will bring you to the next level. It is not a get rich quick scheme and you will have to spend some time, but with your starting position and your enthusiasms you will be much faster than some other members here who had to learn everything from scratch. Even lots of those members are successful now. Follow the training and do not skip a lesson. This is very important. Ask when you need help and you will have the support of the whole community. I wish you success.
dougbeney Premium