Story of a worry wart

Last Update: September 11, 2013

My prayers and sympathy go out to those affected by 9/11. May we all never forget!

I would like to talk about learning to relax and enjoying the moment. This is a subject that I have
been struggling with.

Last night we went to the ZZ Top/Kidd Rock concert.I have loved ZZ top since I was a child and I must admit I was never a big Kid Rock fan but he did put on a very good show.At any rate, the entire concert my mind was working a mile a minute.I actually caught myself not being in the moment and still could not just “enjoy” the show.

I took the time to notice a lady a few rows in front of me. She appeared as though she probably spent her
last dime to attend this concert. She had both arms up in the air and was singing every line to every song. You could just see she was completely in the moment.There was no concern over how to pay a car payment or how where the money for rent was going to come from.She was there to have a good time and nothing was going to stop her.

Now, she very well could have not cared if she paid rent and didn’t give a $#@5 if her car was repossessed. Then again, she could have been the most financially successful person in the venue and just had poor hygiene. Either way, the only thing on her mind was watching Kid Rock do his thing.

I, on the other hand, would watch a song and drift off into worrying about the amount of traffic my website was getting or trying to figure out how I was going to afford a car for my daughter. She is 4!I have enough money put back to not work for a year and not miss any payments.Why was I thinking about those things?

So here I am assuming this lady is broke and I found myself envious of her! Why couldn’t I just enjoy the show without thinking of other things? It seems to be a trend with me lately. I can’t seem to find pleasure in pleasurable moments. My mind seems to be filled with worry.

Perhaps worry is just one of the many parts of responsibility and I have just let that part get too big. Perhaps I have spent too much time on here and on my website and I need a little disconnect. I am not really
sure. All I know is I really wish I could just take 30 minutes to enjoy and relax and not worry about things.

The worst part of all this is the content of my website. My site is basically about self- improvement both physically and mentally and how positive thinking plays such a big role in accomplishing your goals. I have several pages on the subject and have posted around 50 blogs.I feel like a fraud!How can I help others when I am suddenly struggling to help myself?

This is not a cry for help and I am not really looking for a “magical pill” to solve my problems. I know what I need to do and soon enough things will turn around.Truth be told I feel better just releasing a few personal quirks!

After rereading this post I am hesitant to post it. It is laced with negativity. However, I took the time to write it, I do feel better and maybe in some weird way it will help another.

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wtbee2013 Premium
Worrying does not add one more day to your life. I did not say that, God said that. It actually takes away 24hrs of your life. No do overs. Heck we might not have cars by the time your daughter is driving with all the issues with oil LOL....My husband is just like you. It is very hard I know. but over time and being honest like you are here you will get the tools to worry less, and maybe not worry at all.

My prayers go out to you....
God bless
Jewelz Premium
Who else but us here at WA would understand anyways? Go ahead and vent....everything is going to be fine and you are not a're a human!
Shush, I am too!
lhmack Premium
The hardest thing to do is to relax and take time for yourself, especially if your personality is to be a helper (which is me). I personally have to force myself to relax, one of the reasons I restarted knitting. When I am working on an involved pattern, I have no time to think about bills, needing clothing or food on the table. I am concentrating on the next stitch and how lovely the pattern is looking. You will get there one day and one step at a time.
jatdebeaune Premium
When you start to worry, just change your mind. Reject the worry and think about being happy. Put your focus on what gives you joy. Laugh a lot. Don't worry, the bills will get paid. They always do somehow. Worrying doesn't contribute anything. That's advice from one worry wart to another. Meditation helps.
Trialynn Premium
I hope it help others too. Mainly, focusing on the moment, giving it all you have to give, one bit at a time is what helps me keep from stressing out!