How I got here and why!

Last Update: October 28, 2014

Wow what a process....

I started out doing some research online about affiliate programs because I'm a stay at home mom and as I mentioned in my profile... the pay is lousy lol..

The one thing I learned right away is never overload yourself with information too fast and that is exactly what I did!! I started by searching for information on affiliate marketing and how to build an affiliate website. The one thing everyone kept saying was " you have to find a niche". A niche? I thought about it and realized.. i know a bit about a lot of things but I'm not sure if I know enough about a certain subject to dedicate to a whole website!

After going back and forth in my head, I decided on a niche! I'm not sure yet if it will be successful but I guess I'll never know if I don't try right?

Well, now that I have my niche what do I do next? I search for website builders for affiliate marketing..ughhhh... the amount of websites I came across was insane and most were not helpful in the least bit. Next, I search youtube about making money online and believe it or not, I did find some helpful tips that I will share in a future blog, but tips didn't point the way for me. I guess in my mind, I was expecting to search the web for the answers I was looking for and a big red arrow was going to point to a site saying " the answers you seek are here"! But it really doesn't work that way lol.

After trying roughly 6 different website builders I noticed that they did not have the options I was looking for in order to insert banners or place my content where I wanted it to be so I kept searching for the best site builders for affiliate marketing and the one program a lot of people said they preferred was wordpress! OK! Now we are getting somewhere!

The story goes on about how I downloaded wordpress and had to watch tutorials on how to install it on my computer using a local server program that I had to download as well. BTW if you are not a computer programer, good luck with MAMP!

And then, finally, I decided to try WA after much dismay and frustration. I had my doubts as the whether or not this was going to work for me but after spending time on the site and realizing that help is just a question away I decided that this is the place for me.

As of now, I'm still working on my website but I know that I'm not alone on this adventure and find that the advice and confidence boost we all receive here is worth the time and membership fee.

Moral of the story: Avoid the headaches and frustration.. just come here first! :)

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tummy1560 Premium
thank you to share
Affiliateer Premium
Yes, the support here is so wonderful! It's like the hosting and training are nice extras.
Kathy331 Premium
Yes, come here first!