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November 09, 2014
A few weeks ago I thought that I had my niche all figured out. I started putting content on the site after building my framework and then something happened.... I really don't know what, but I felt that the niche I chose was not the right one to go with at this time. For the past few days, I have been thinking of nothing else but a new niche. I have gone back and forth with a few ideas and just when I had one picked out, I would get sooooo excited and pumped for about 30 mins and then my head m
Since some time yesterday I have been working on my framework and specifically my sidebars for each page. Come to realize that sidebars are part of the "website" and not the individual "page"! So i think, ok, there are widgets for everything so there must be one for my problem... and to my elation there are a few. (after googling the longest sentence in google history). I find a site that list a few widgets that will help my issue but i'm still not sure how to import widgets i download to wordp
October 28, 2014
Wow what a process.... I started out doing some research online about affiliate programs because I'm a stay at home mom and as I mentioned in my profile... the pay is lousy lol.. The one thing I learned right away is never overload yourself with information too fast and that is exactly what I did!! I started by searching for information on affiliate marketing and how to build an affiliate website. The one thing everyone kept saying was " you have to find a niche". A niche? I thought about it an