Your Blog is a Job, and Don't Forget It

Last Update: October 04, 2018

Sitting at my desk today, I tick off my "To Do" list:

  1. Research Jaxxy for "chicken pot pie" keywords
  2. Write up Chicken Pot Pie recipe article
  3. Link Canadian Amazon account with US account
  4. Link UK Amazon account with US account
  5. Update at least 5 posts with new Amazon ad formatting that allows Amazon views to CA and UK visitors
  6. Post new pot pie recipe to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts
  7. Invite FB friends to Baking Naturally FB page

I started work at about 7 a.m., and finished at 4 p.m. In between, I baked and frosted a layered coconut cake for my sister and her husband. I also read a few articles in my inbox and printed out a few things for my article ideas file.

This is what every day should look like. If you are thinking about truly monetizing a blog, whether it's an interest-based blog like or a WA membership funnel, it takes a full day's work, pretty much every day. Keeping up this pace, providing quality content that's valuable to your readers, as well as keeping your site mechanics updated and broadening your exposure . . . well, it can be daunting! But it's absolutely critical to success.

Blogging is a job, and because you have no boss, it's a job whose success depends only on you and your personal work ethic. Don't be confused or fooled into thinking it's anything else.

BUT . . . I can say that if you, like me, have chosen a niche that's interesting, and you are also intrigued and challenged by the internet marketing dynamic, blogging can be a total blast! You'll find yourself talking about your website to everyone, naturally, not in a forced way. You'll keep up with professional journals (in my case, various Cooking mags). You'll see opportunities to share your posts over and over again. You'll return to posts to refine them. You'll review the training to make sure you understand what it's trying to teach you. You'll watch the live trainings as soon as you can to see what's new out there. It's what you do when you are doing something you love.

If you keep at it, over time, you'll see yourself developing a loyal readership. They'll begin to trust you. They'll share your articles with THEIR friends. You'll check your Google Analytics and start seeing a steady flow of daily visitors, as well as the lovely Spike when you really get a good Jaxxy keyword. Webmaster Tools will prove that your posts are appearing higher and higher on Google searches. All of this success can be yours - but you have to put in the time.

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SondraM Premium
Very true.

Sometimes I think those with niches like you have even more "work" because you actually need to cook your food. That take a bit more time than reviewing a set of pots & pans or a blender.
Hollshope Premium
I agree with everything you just said. Blogging does take a lot of effort, but it's worth it, especially when you start seeing results.

Awesome post - thank you!