Awesome weekend!

Last Update: Mar 29, 2014



Everyone knows about this book by now, right? If you don't, it is quite elementary: A list of the simplest things/events that makes one happy! Day to day things, such as the pleasure of walking on autumn leaves.

My awesome weekend starts by asking you: What has been your awesome this week or what would you like it to be this weekend?

Before the fun, first a history lesson!

I overuse this word like nobody else, yet I always thought it was from the 80's, surfing, California generation. That's true, but did you know that was actually a comeback?

Awesome is originally from the very end of the 16th century! First dictionary appearance in 1598 and the meaning was something that inspires ''Awe''. Not only that, awesome is in the Bible. In this context, it refers to the person or work of God.

That's awesome!

Now for fun, my awesome is!:

Finding a penny! I know this is old news, but it makes me happy everytime, especiallly now that they are no longer in circulation. The best part is the phrase that goes along with it, I never forget to say: '' See a penny, pick it up! All day long, you'll have good luck!'' :)

What's your AWESOME?

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Awesome is when you want to find something but don't know where to look, and then from some unexpected place, there it is. That's how I found WA. AWESOME!!

A lucky incident! Good one!

I have picked up many a 5c piece !(in Australia we don't have pennies lowest denomination is 5c)

Haha, well it's all the same! I'm sure they are as lucky as my Canadian pennies. ;)

I realized, after spending the 1st number of hrs on the pc today, that I really need to go outside - so i did - it's often the little tiny things that are awesome.

I ended up at the art gallery - saw some absolutely AWEsome ART. Visited a bookstore ~ bought some awesome books, had a nice walk by the river, saw some awesome nature (that's redundant, I guess - all nature is awesome ~ even the cruel bits)...

This adventure all due to not denying the little thought of - 'how about unplug & go outside'.

Nice posting G ~ thank you

Thanks for sharing! You make me want to do the same today, unplug and connect with nature. Unfortunately, nature is cold and snowy today, but I'll bring my dog along, she infectiously loves it!

You can not overcome fear so mastering how to deal with it is awesome.

Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable is awesome

When times are good preparing for when times are going to be bad is awesome.


WA is my awesome!!

Hey, that's an interesting take on awesome.

If you read some dictionaries meaning for it, some include the word ''fear'':

awe·some - adjective
1.inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe: an awesome sight.

2.showing or characterized by reverence, admiration, or fear; exhibiting or marked by awe.

The things that make you go Hmmmm : )

I love my Wife, I love my Life, I love my Job, I love my God, I'm never bore-some cause Life is AWESOME!!

He, I like that: never bore-some cause life is awesome! Well said. :)


It seems to be worded this way in the Bible, that would make you right.

My AWESOME is hangin' wit Father, Son & Holy Ghost. Ain't no Par-Te like a Holy Ghost Par-Te! Amen.

That's great! I'm assuming you'll be at the Par-Te this Sunday. ;)

Heck! If I can get out of bed in the morning, it's AWESOME. But honestly, spending quality time with my grandkids is awesome, Firing up the pit and grilling some Ribeye steaks, is awesome, Going down to the river and throwing in a hook, is awesome! The smell of fresh cut lumber and building something, is awesome. But the most awesome thing, I believe, is knowing that I the Lord above loves me and that I can live for eternity! Now That's AWESOME!

Amen to that! Lucky you are from Texas, you can enjoy your awesomes all year round, if not you'd be snowed in like a lot of us. :)

I have an "Angel Jar" that I made specifically for pennies that I FIND. When you find a penny, it's a message from an angel reminding you that she/he is watching over you. My awesome this week was seeing 2 trees that were alive during the Civil War and still standing today. I was on a hike and unprepared for taking photos. Silly me. I will go back and get photos of them.

That's beautiful, I never heard the penny collection from Angels. If only those trees could talk, that's quite the encounter.

There are so many, working with my WA friends, walking my dog, watching the trees change color and so much more!

That's right, I second these choices too!

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