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Last Update: May 31, 2014

As a follow up to my post on creating page outlines, I want to describe what I learned about setting back to the top links after each section of my outline. This was much more simple for me because it did not involve inserting any code. i simply went to the specific page in the wordpress editor and proceeded to the end of the section and typed "Back to Top". I put it in bold to make it stand out better. Then I highlighted it and clicked on the link button. In the box that came up instead of typing a url, I simply typed #. I then updated my page and when I clicked on every one of the Back to Top links, it took me to the top of the page. If anyone knows a different or better way, please post. I hope this helps someone.

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dianeburket Premium Plus
Thank you sooooo much. How easy. You saved me from adding another plugin!
Labman Premium Plus
Typically jump links are used to do this. two simple lines of code a target and a pointer.
dmullis1 Premium
I figured there was a better code way to do it. Thanks for the information.