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June 01, 2014
Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say how happy I am that I found WA and that I became a Premium Member. I spent 5 years with ideas of how to start an affiliate online business, but I never got anywhere with it. It was one frustration after another. Then I found WA through Ian Pribyl ( and began the training courses. I still have a lot of training to complete, but I wanted to say that because of WA, I now have two websites up and running within two weeks. WOW! I still
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As a follow up to my post on creating page outlines, I want to describe what I learned about setting back to the top links after each section of my outline. This was much more simple for me because it did not involve inserting any code. i simply went to the specific page in the wordpress editor and proceeded to the end of the section and typed "Back to Top". I put it in bold to make it stand out better. Then I highlighted it and clicked on the link button. In the box that came up instead o
I guess you can call me Captain Obvious, but since I came to this site with little knowledge of website building, I thought I would post the simple things I learn as I go along. Because my way may not be the best way, I invite anyone with a better suggestion to help out here. Today, I learned how to put outline links at the top of the post in wordpress code. I had a page broken into several segments. I clicked on the text link in my wordpress page editor for a selected page and it revealed
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