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Greeting all and thanks for stopping by little corner of WA. What can I say about myself? Well simply put, I'm just an average guy trying to make it through this crazy life so I can see my Savior and LORD Jesus Christ. face to face. Until that day I want to do what I can to glorify Him while I'm here.
How did I come to be here? My background is mostly as a factory rat but I have had several businesses in the past. I partnered with my brother in a small construction business, I owned a lawn/landscaping business and have tried my hand at some online stuff. None of these have ever really panned out to anything significant. One thing I have learned through all this though is that if you really want to make it in this world you MUST be self-employed.
I have purchased several online marketing courses (that shall remain nameless) but I always got bogged down in the lack of direction, which seemed to be a common theme these courses.

In my life I have heard many reasons for "being successful", a big home, a fancy car, boat, plane, money to travel the world etc etc etc..... Now I admit that in my younger days these things did appeal to me but as I grew older I realized a much more important reason for becoming successful. And that reason is very simple indeed. TO HELP THOSE IN NEED. I'm sure everyone has asked this question. What would you do if you had a million dollars? My answer is: I would give it away to those who NEED it. I'm not trying to be noble, I'm being realistic. I look around and see suffering everyday. I see people living on the street, I see children going hungry and I'm sorry for saying so but I see that my government just does not care. Times are hard and they are going to get harder I'm afraid. While I'm still here,. I want to do what I can to ease the suffering of those I can. But before I can do this i must succeed!!!!! And remember this very important fact. Even if you had billions, every single penny stays here when you leave this world.

I am very excited about finding WA and I am really looking forward to learning from and contributing to this community. I am also looking forward to meeting many new friends here. May God bless you all!!!
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