All the Cool Kids Are Doing it!

Last Update: March 11, 2018

A year ago, my cousin hit me up and told me he was driving up to Orlando to take a few pics. Turns out he started his first affiliate marketing website thanks to my recommendation.

Now, it seems everyone I talk to knows about affiliate marketing. But here's the thing... they don't really have a clue just how big this industry is.

The possibilities are endless with affiliate marketing.

I'm just glad that people my age and even younger are realizing that conforming to a 9-5 job is no longer the dream. The dream is to have the time and freedom to spend it with those we love; doing what we love.

I'm thankful I've learned so much about affiliate marketing and I'm even more glad that so many people are realizing that it's an amazing business opportunity.

Cheers my friends,


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Joshua2765 Premium
Hello, Diana.

I also find it refreshing that so many people, of every stripe, are finding ways to earn money apart from a 9 to 5 job. Much of that is being done online, and I see that trend only increasing in the years ahead.

Wish you well in your WA journey. Continued success,