More Google Censorship to Natural Health

Last Update: September 30, 2019

Anyone else in the natural health niche noticing their traffic continuously dropping? I was hit with an update last august that cut my traffic in half and have been working diligently to bring it back up over the last year. I got it up a bit, but not back to where I was before and now my traffic is dropping again!

I am so angry at the level of censorship that is coming to this day and age. It is not right.

Here is an article about google censoring natural health and organic living.

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JustAPerson Premium
That's the huge risk when building a business relying on completely different people for growth.

Of course, we always have to rely on infrastructure built my others but I mean the risk of relying on ONE source.

In the end Google cares about themselves, their shareholders, etc. They don't care about the people searching no matter what people may want to believe. And they certainly don't care about us tiny folk building online businesses.

They make decisions based on THEIR business not on ours.

One way to combat it is to just stop focusing on Google. Imagine they didn't exist. What would you do?

Imagine search engines themselves didn't exist... how would you reach people?

There are thousands of ways. And the more sources of traffic you have the stronger and more in control over your own destiny you become.

Imagine when Google makes an update to counter all of the write super long articles advice that is being given in the IM industry. Let's say they suddenly decide to penalize all pages with "excessive numbers of words" and suddenly all pages with more than 1,500 words tank.

That is the kind of thing that can happen in a day simply because of an update made by Google if a person is relying on them for their traffic.

Get what you can from Google and build independence from them as soon as possible. No matter what Google does a site will always be all the stronger using this approach.
ExpatMark Premium
Google sleeping in the same bed with BigPharma, BigFood and Facebook. No money for BigPharma if everyone is healthy.

Look at the Great Cholesterol Myth. They accidentally found a pill (statins) that lower cholesterol. So they make up a disease (high cholesterol) and make billions. Cholesterol never killed one person. Statins killing people every day.

So sad what America has become.
BarbaraBC Premium
My niche is natural pain remedies. But I haven't developed enough traffic to notice any changes yet. But I am following you because we have similar interests.
I homeschooled my kids back in the day! :-)
Can you pm me with your website? Thanks.
dj-drea Premium
Oh nice! Sure, can do.