Incredibly busy working....but feeling like there's not much to show for it

Last Update: August 08, 2013

I have been quite busy and I check WA several times a day (almost obsessively, I will admit!) although I haven't been interacting too much. I decided to start a second site while maintaining and growing my first site. The second site I am extremely excited about but the more I develop it, the more I realize I am actually writing/creating a massive tome that will eventually be a masterpiece but seems never-ending! I am confident about the structure and the content and the development of it is leading me to consider actually creating an e-course to sell and even book speaking engagements on the subject material. But for all the work I am putting into it, I'm getting anxious that I don't have anything to show for it! I know it's ridiculous because slow and steady wins the race. But I'm ready for some action! Patience is not my strong suit.

I'm frustrated with social media. I post all of my articles from my first site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. There seems to be a small amount of interest but very few comments on social media and the site itself. I know that the secret to using social media is to be engaging but that all seems so exhausting to me! Posting on others people's walls, tweeting and retweeting, etc. That seems like a full day's work on its own.

I am doing so much writing for my own sites, I have not had the time or brain power to write for Street Articles or HubPages and the thought of writing more than what I am doing for my own sites makes me crazy!

Gee, this sounds like a rant! I certainly don't want to come off as negative! I really am enjoying developing these sites. Through them I am teaching and sharing my passion. That is invigorating. And I believe in the concept of IM whole-heartedly. Still waiting for....some action and payoff!

I have had one small victory. A site visitor did sign up for the free trial offer of one my affiliate programs. So that is something! Hopefully she will decide to stay and I will start earning a commission.

So anyway, that's me just in case you were wondering where I was! I hope you all are having a fantastic time in your worlds!


The only response to the question, "How are you?" is "FABULOUS!"

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caylynn Premium
My fabulous Diva! Am still catching up on blogs. I know what the next one says! We are having a fantastic time!
divazona Premium
Haha! Fantastic time indeed! :)
bloveds Premium
I know how you feel. I think that doing the articles as ericrk mentioned is really important. think we need to be lean and mean on our website until we start getting traffic coming in. I have been to several sites where there is so much that I duck out after a quick scan.

I have a jewelry business and do shows quite alot. In the beginning, I actually put out ALL my inventory (hubby thought this was the way to do it). It is overwhelming to people. I started whittling down what I present, making it easier to make a decision.

I do think it is great that you have started your second site. I think when we repeat the process we get faster with the basics and we retain the information longer. This will also give you a breather from your first site. You can go back a bit later and review and see where you can make adaptations, cut some info, and give it a freshness for anybody that has been there before.
divazona Premium
I think that is a good idea to be "lean and mean". This second site, though, requires several articles to be written before I go "live" because there are several sections it covers. As soon as I get that together, then I will go back to writing for Street Articles and HubPages. Thank you so much for your comment!
dossettaaron Premium
Going through all that and yet you still had time to help me yesterday. Keep up the hard work. Great things will happen for you!
divazona Premium
Thank you! It gives me great pleasure to be able to help people here at WA so I am happy to have been of assistance. I will try to check out your site today and get back to you.
ericrk7 Premium
Have you tried using Street Articles? I think that there's a lot more seriousness there. that's my two-cents.

Hope that helps.

divazona Premium
Oh yes, I have written a few articles for both Street Articles and Hubpages. I agree it is a good way to get traffic. However, I am so busy writing articles for my new site, the thought of writing more articles is exhausting! LOL! Thanks for your comment!