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September 24, 2013
Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive! I've been on a hiatus over the last month or so for many reasons - one, I got married! Two, it is audition season and I have been working on promoting my singing career. So, my work on my websites has been put on hold. My Google analytics numbers haven't really slipped that much so that is encouraging but it is time to get back on the wagon and start writing again! The astonishing thing is the amount of spam Akismet has caught sinc
Today is the famous French composer Claude Debussy's 151st birthday. If you have not checked out Google's doodle for the day, take some time from your frantic content writing and do so. It will make you smile!
Wealthy Affiliate is an online educational institution. It is an extensive site that offers unlimited training on every aspect of starting, building and maintaining an online business. Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a guarantee to a successful online business. Yes, success is possible. But success is completely dependent on the tenacity, the drive, the desire, the skill level and creativity of the person who starts the business. Wealthy Affiliate can provide the tools but it is the person tha
August 15, 2013
Today I found out that I have earned my first commission! Yes, my first commission that is the delicious amount of..... wait for it..... $2.80! Yes, I made almost $3 today! HA! I have never been so happy about $3 in my life! :) And today I found a new referral program that I am going to promote on my site that is potentially an excellent money maker. So things are looking up!
On a whim, I decided to do google searches for all my article keywords. I am pleased to say that every one of my articles are not only on the first page of Google but most of them are in the top three! Checking Google Analytics, I am getting traffic (although I must admit I don't know how to interpret that data yet). AND an article that I wrote and posted this morning was in the number one slot tonight! Booyah! Actually the only article that didn't rank well (couldn't find it on the first three
I have been quite busy and I check WA several times a day (almost obsessively, I will admit!) although I haven't been interacting too much. I decided to start a second site while maintaining and growing my first site. The second site I am extremely excited about but the more I develop it, the more I realize I am actually writing/creating a massive tome that will eventually be a masterpiece but seems never-ending! I am confident about the structure and the content and the development of it is le
I decided to create a training on how to create a secondary custom menu using HTML because that was the only way I could create a secondary menu for a theme I am using which only supports one custom menu. I figured that maybe there are others who would want to do the same thing. I realize HTML is scary for anyone who has little to no experience so I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible but I would appreciate your feedback to let me know if I can make it less complicated. The training c
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June 26, 2013
I have had some social networking successes!I wrote a review on my site of an online software program for music teachers and I started following the company that created the program on Twitter. I shared my review with Twitter and the creators of the program retweeted it on their page! They have over 2000 followers!I wrote another review of an excellent book and found the author (completely by accident) on Twitter who I followed. Completely unprovoked, he saw the tweet of the review of his book,
June 22, 2013
It has been nearly two weeks and I have been working extremely hard on all of this. I have finally reached a point where I can say that my website is set up the way I want it to be and I have written posts for each major page so that my first visitors have something to read and understand what the site is all about.This is what I have accomplished: The site is up and running with blog posts, reviews of products and all the extras (about me, helpful links, contact form) I created a Facebook
I've actually written two books that were published (and sold on Amazon!) and the process of writing them wasn't that difficult. I knew my audience and my subject material and I just sat at my computer and "talked". I'm naturally organized so it was easy to put my thoughts into a comprehensive format without too much preparation.And then I wrote a dissertation. While I also knew my audience and subject material quite well, that was harder to get through. Maybe it was the academic-nes