Less Geek To More Chic

Last Update: Mar 17, 2017


Wearable gadgets have taken a bit of a dive recently. I'm referring to fitness trackers and the android and Apple watches.

It seems the trend is moving toward smart fibers woven into clothing. The new example of this is Levi's Commuter Jacket. Google and Levi joined forces to solve a problem bike commuters were having. With this jacket, to be released in the fall, the technology is woven into its fibers, allowing the user to take phone calls, get directions and check the time and traffic conditions just by tapping and swiping his sleeve. The information is delivered through his headphones, thus allowing the bike rider to keep his eyes on the road.

I find it interesting that their marketing strategy isn't about the technology, but the solution to a problem many people share. Something to remember when we're writing product reviews.

This 19 Billion Dollar industry of wearables just may be moving from the Geek to the Chic.


Recent Comments


wows thats amazing and very informative

Thanks, Maree :)

I always thought it was spelled chique but after a bit of research find that the US spelling is chic and the UK spelling is chique.

Either way, the concept is fascinating. Not sure if I would like to have that much connectivity though.

Now that you mention it, I wonder what those woven fibers would do to the skin -- maybe in time we'll all be glowing in the dark :P

wow technology amazes me how far it can go but i agree its good to see them concentrating on the problem

I can't keep up with the technology. I'm still using a flip-phone. Thanks, Nicky for leaving a comment :)

I like chic instead of being geek... although I'm both.

Yes, a chic geek -- nothing could be better :)

Thanks for the trending information--who knew?

It may change with the weather :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Anne.

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