Does A Domain Name Have To Reflect A Niche?

Last Update: Apr 5, 2022

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I remember years ago someone said to come up with a domain name people will remember. And, at that time I came up with some truly goofy names. Surprisingly people came . . . They even clicked my affiliate links and purchased something.

Then, I joined WA and learned about niches and how a domain name and niche "should" go together . . . Well . . . I have a throw-back goofy domain name that corresponds with a niche I have absolutely no interest in pursuing . . . (It's hosted right here at WA) . . . But I like the name and don't want to give it up. Plus my affiliates are associated with it.

Over the years this particular website has become a collective kitchen junk drawer. I get traffic, I get sales. It's adding valuable content that's an issue for me. My other niche websites are a no-brainer for me in adding relevant content. This one, I love it . . . but I'm having trouble adding content as I said before . . . My other websites are in areas of interest to me and I don't want to use similar content to this particular website.

I think maybe I've outgrown the kitchen "junk drawer" concept. Perhaps I need to find another niche . . . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Growth is always good, enjoyed reading your post.

Thank you so much :)

Domain names that reflect your niche are always valued higher than those that don't. The main reason being that prospective visitors will be looking for specific products and your domain name lessons the difficulties that they can face searching for these products. Jim

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate your insight. I wish you much success!

Hi, a domain name doesn't have to reflect a specific niche, however I think having a domain that matches your niche can make a urge difference. It is a lot easier for people to recognize you, marketing can be smoother even make it easier to built your contents.

Yes, Cantou, very wise advice. That's my problem now. Thank you for your insightful response. I truly appreciate it!

Is it still active and making some money, Sharon? If it is, I'd keep it, and perhaps cut back on it some and pursue the other niches you are looking towards. Maybe at some point you could link back to the site occasionally or something of that nature. Just a thought, my friend!

I hope you get some good answers!


Yes, it is active and is receiving traffic and earning me money. Thank you for your response I greatly appreciate it, Jeff. You've given me something to think about!

You're very welcome, Sharon! Every little bit helps these days!


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