Three Months with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: January 07, 2019

Three months with Wealthy Affiliate

I found Wealthy Affiliate because I was checking out reviews for another affiliate marketing company that I was considering and came across a YouTube video of someone talking favorably about WA. I had to check it out. An amazing journey thus far.

Progress feels slow as I need time to learn and absorb information, add to that having to learn so much (I wasn't so internet savvy) and here I am just about finished with Level 2. I am committed. So much so that when the Black Friday deal came along, I had to climb aboard.

I just know this is an amazing place to learn about this business. I know this because I've learned so much so far, the community has been very supportive and helpful along the way and the tools we get to use here to build our business are incredible. Not to mention how visually appealing my website looks. I never would have imagined that I could have made a website look so professional, thanks to all the wonderful tools.

I am very much about following the rules, I always want to make sure I do things right, so I often don't do something till I really understand the process. I want to make sure that my content is very accurate, so I do a lot of research and do my best to make sure the post is informative and that it makes sense to my readers. For me it means that I don't post every day. It takes me a week or two or more to get a piece done (while also juggling the rest of life).

As For my Niche

I've been a chiropractor for about 23 years as well as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, so I thought a niche that would be a good fit for me is wellness. I've discovered however that this is a very broad niche.

My site is about sharing information about supplements, diet, and other information pertaining to inflammation and natural methods to deal with pain and inflammation. It is a vast topic and I realized that even my sub topics are broad. Hmm...How to narrow it down.

I have been using my wellness site for patient education. Whenever I want to explain the effects of sugar on the body, how eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help them feel bettor or the benefits of turmeric for pain and inflammation, I refer them to my site.

My Why

Why Affiliate Marketing

1) I needed a way to earn an income, in fact a substantial income without having to physically work so hard. 2) I'd like to stop worrying about money. I believe affiliate marketing is a great way to make a substantial income so that I can stop worrying about money. 3) I can help a much larger number of people than I can by only seeing one client at a time. 4) I can create the life I've always wanted.

All the careers I have chosen, required me to work hard physically. Too many years of pushing my body so hard in fitness instruction and my athletic endeavors caused a lot of degeneration and pain in my joints. Time to retire from all that physical work. What better way to do that than by sharing my experience and knowledge with others and promoting products that I've found to be helpful in healing the body.

Why the Wellness Niche

In my 23 years of a holistic chiropractic and nutrition practice, I have found that there are natural ways to help and heal the body. This is something I am very passionate about. I practice what I preach. I have used natural healing methods to take care of my and my family's (including my dogs) ills for many years, with great results. I strongly believe that the human body has an innate intelligence to heal itself (I've seen it time and again) when nurtured and given what nature has provided. This niche suits my lifestyle.

Thinking About Narrowing Down my Niche

I've come to understand that maybe I already have narrowed down my niche to "natural means with which to deal with pain and inflammation," but I haven't named it yet. Not quite sure how to go about that. I will continue to do my research. If any of you have any suggestions, I'd love your input.

And so...

my journey continues. I believe that a lot of good things will be happening in 2019 for me in my new career. I am excited to watch my business become fruitful and excited to get more involved in and contribute more to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Here's to a Prosperous, Happy, Healthy 2019 to all of us.


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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Dina, thank you for great post. I love to see people with the outlook on life that you do. You will go far with wealthy affiliate. If we never lose sight of our WHY then we will never lose our focus. I wish you all the best in your journey here at wealthy affiliate.
merlynmac Premium
Hello Dina,
I too found WA while researching another “opportunity”. Best thing I’ve done in a long time.

Welcome and feel free to reach out any time.
DinaMartin Premium
Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate your help😊
smartketeer Premium
Happy 3-months anniversary Dina!

Keep up the good work!
DinaMartin Premium
Thank you Smartketeer!!
smartketeer Premium