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February 20, 2020
I started about a year and a half ago here at WA and I was in such a hurry to try to get through all the training and material (I did not skip anything. Went through each training video), but I think in my haste to get through it and setting unrealistic expectations, I missed a lot. The information was so new, I was having a real time of it trying to get through it and really understand what I was doing and where I was going. I asked questions and got some answers, but at a certain point I f
Woo Hoo!!! I just found out that I earned my dedication badge! I have to admit though that I've not been so dedicated in the past couple few months. Work has gotten real busy, which is a good thing, but it leaves very little time for anything else. I had to follow the money. My heart is here though. I just had my one year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate last month. I can't believe it. The year just flew by. My work has its slow times, so I know that I will once again plunge in with my
Is it crazy to feel this strong pull toward changing my niche? I've been slowly plodding along since September of 2018 building out my wellness site and adding content, going through all the motions, getting through level 4 of OEC training and I just don't feel good about my niche. This is a feeling from early on. I kept telling myself to keep going, get through the training completely with this niche and it will get better, but that feeling has only gotten more intense.Although my niche is
January 10, 2019
Finished Level 2 TrainingIt's a happy, happy day. I am so excited to report that I'm finally finished with level 2 of the OEC training. I have to say that I feel like I have a much greater understanding of what I need to know up to this point. I was nervous that I wasn't getting it, but it all came together. I want to thank all of you who helped me through my areas of feeling a bit stuck. I am ready to move on to level 3 and super excited about it.I was a little concerned that my niche was
Three months with Wealthy Affiliate I found Wealthy Affiliate because I was checking out reviews for another affiliate marketing company that I was considering and came across a YouTube video of someone talking favorably about WA. I had to check it out. An amazing journey thus far. Progress feels slow as I need time to learn and absorb information, add to that having to learn so much (I wasn't so internet savvy) and here I am just about finished with Level 2. I am committed. So much so that