Research, Notes, Pages, and Posts.OH MY!

Last Update: March 02, 2016

As I sit here doing research, I look around me and all I see is all the things that I have put together and printed out laying all over. I start going over all that I have done....wondering which to use as pages and which to be posts...OH MY!

I start going frantic...oh what is the difference between pages and posts... where is my notebook full of my notes? Now to decipher what was written down in a hurry....OH MY!

Now it is time to go over it all once again and categorize all that I have done.

So much to learn, remember, and do when.....doing research, notes, pages, and posts


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MKearns Premium
Sometimes it isn't as necessary to worry about whether to page or post. Just analyze the recurrence rate and brevity of your ideas to decide which to use.
RobinHudson Premium
Nice Pic!!!
Jrowlands Premium
Lol, I feel like that some days! I sit back and just breath. Then tackle one task at a time.
It will all make sense soon.
Have a great day
BBR913 Premium
I fully understand and appreciate your feelings.... seems everything is running together and there's no end to all the questions in your mind! Like Jude say, step back, breathe.... You will be fine...
JudeP Premium
Step back, take a deep breath and focus! All the best moving forward :)