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Last Update: June 15, 2016

The best boss I ever had was a guy from New York City. He had the idea that we should have fun in our jobs. We had periodic meetings and these were also was fun. He made the daily work fun also.

I strongly believe through the creation of our online businesses we need to have fun to get the business up and running. Throughout you day look for ways to create fun for yourself and maybe others in the community.

  • Pick a niche you love. Research it, write about it, and enjoy what you'r doing.
  • Review images with an idea of adding to your website. I am starting to look for forest scenes for my webpage. Or look at cute baby pictures which should give you a lift.
  • Stand on you desk and dance to the song "Old Time Rock and Role" by Bob Seeger. Or choose a song you like.
  • Look for fun ways you can improve you business
  • Reach out to someone.
  • Decorate you work space to make it fun. (I have my Harley Davidson Clock which uses the sound of different motorcycles to mark the hour.
  • Think of your own ways to have fun while you work. Just have fun while you work.

There is an old saying, " If you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life

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MPollock Premium
I try to all ways have fun while working.
DickH Premium
That is very good. It keeps things enjoyable.
Chezbrown Premium
Can't imagine dancing on my desk lol but agree that you do need to have fun while working, makes the day better.
DickH Premium
I would imagine you wouldn't like to see me dancing on my desk. It would probably put you off your feed (southern term) LOL Have a good day.
Chezbrown Premium
Lol, could be interesting.
JudeP Premium
Very true although I don't know about dancing on my desk lol :)
jthurst1 Premium
Great point Dick! I totally agree that having fun is imperative in building a business as it's all about mindset! If you know that your work is fun and enjoyable, you are much more apt to be successful due to the fact that you don't mind putting the hours of work....you actually enjoy working!
Calmkoala Premium
Am going for the stand on your desk and sing... thanks! :)