First, carry your own load.

Last Update: July 14, 2018

First carry your own load and then you can help others carry their own.

We are responsible for our own thoughts, words, actions and choices.

Being judgemental and blaming others is not carrying our own load. Its making their load heavier.

We all can carry our own load, its when we add the load of others, we become weighed down.

Who's load are you carrying?

Di :)

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AlexEvans Premium
That is insightful, Di, we can be weighed down with the burdens of others at times, getting in touch with ourselves and how we roll can help us to navigate not only our lives but also take some burden off others. thanks for sharing.
HazelH Premium
Love the image, Di!

Thought provoking blog - I agree taking responsibility for your own load and not burdening other people is very important. It also makes for better relationships and allows you to focus on what is needed.

Best Wishes
bryanb007 Premium
A good point and well put.
MKearns Premium
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EandS2018 Premium
Amen !
Amen !
Thank you
Elaine $ Scarlett
DianeWehi Premium
Thank you both :)