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Last Update: Jun 3, 2023

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So, a quick break from my usual AI posts to discuss a subject that I am increasingly seeing in many websites.

With a new website, the most important thing you can do is build up topical authority.

And actually, its a good idea to try this with an established site, if you are struggling for traffic.

Show Google that you are becoming an established expert in just one small, specific aspect of your niche.

That's not to say, that your entire website should be devoted to one small sub niche.

That would lead to a risk of running out of topics to write about.

Before you even think about starting your website, you need to have a clear vision for it, and ideally have an idea of the first 10 posts you are going to write.

Let's see what I mean, by using a popular niche, that of Dog Care.

There is nothing to stop you covering ALL aspects of dog care eventually.

So, your initial overall vision could include up to 10 different categories, such as the following:

Canine nutrition: Tips for a balanced diet for dogs

Socializing your dog: Importance and techniques for socialization

Common dog health issues: Understanding and preventing them

Fun and interactive games for dogs: Keeping your furry friend entertained

Grooming your dog: Essential tips for maintaining a healthy coat

Training your dog: Effective techniques for obedience and behavior

Choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle: Factors to consider

Traveling with your dog: Tips for a safe and stress-free journey

Understanding dog body language: Signs and communication cues

Creating a dog-friendly home: Design ideas and safety measures

So, now you have an idea of what you want to talk about, DO NOT just pick random topics from within these categories.

In other words, don't start by researching just one keyword for The Importance of a Balanced Diet, and then when you have written it, find a keyword on The Power of Socializing Your Dog, and then, Common Dog Health Issues and How to Prevent Them, etc.

Yes, they all relate to dog care in general, but they are far too random, you are not building up topical authority, it is going to take you much longer to rank highly.

Instead, just pick one of your smaller categories, and really focus on that, and ideally, write your first 30 to 60 posts on one topic.

And, as I said earlier, find your keywords for your first 10 posts before you write anything at all.

It will increase your productivity, and build up your momentum, you won't have to think about what to write next, you already have a list.

So, with our Dog Care site, we are going to pick Canine Nutrition as our topical authority subject.

Let's find our first 10 keywords on nothing but canine nutrition.

Are all grains bad for dogs?

Are antioxidants important for dog nutrition?

Are homemade dog food recipes safe?

Are raw diets suitable for all dogs?

Are certain vegetables toxic to dogs?

Are fish oils beneficial for dog health?

Are probiotics necessary in dog food?

Are there specific dietary needs for senior dogs?

Are there benefits to feeding a high-protein diet?

Are treats necessary for a balanced canine diet?

Now you can start work!

In fact, the training here at WA does suggest you find your first 5 keywords before writing, I just like to take it a step further!

And remember, if you are pushed for time, you don't have to write an entire post in one sitting.

By having your list ready, even if you only have a spare 30 minutes, you can get straight on with writing.

I hope this helps, give me shout if you are struggling to put this into practice, and I will try and give you some ideas!

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Recent Comments


Thank you for providing more of your insightful process, Diane. I love these posts because they reinforce the training and coincide with my work.

For a minute (days 😯), I struggled with my boredom from writing the same types of articles for a sub-niche, making me feel like my readers were experiencing the same boredom.

Regards, Matt

Great suggestions, Diane. I can see from your post why it is suggested that we start with a niche that is not too broad. I didn't heed that advice. My niche is cats. However, in some ways, it's been good, because it's pretty easy to find something to write about. I will have to think of a "sub-niche" idea that could generate several posts. Interesting.

Hi, thanks a lot for your knowledge shared here, at WA. I wonder about picking the right keywords. Do you look for keywords that are in people's search on Google or are popular in forums or social networks? My niche is tricky because of the touching of some of the aspects that Google hides from the majority of the public. All the best.

This is brilliant Diane! Thank you for this guide! Did you get to generate this ideas from AI?

I have book marked your AI training! I am just in the middle of doing a big project. And as soon as I am done. I will do your AI training Diane!

Thank you for continuing to provide us guidance along the way.

Maria 🌹

Hi Diane,

A good reminder. My site is pretty wide as you know, and your (and others) talk of clusters pointed me to focusing on one area as I have the general outline of the site done. I'm not a fan of the topic, yet its to be my bread and butter for the ones that are so slowly working on it now.

The one part I still struggle with is using your advice for taking a longer post and using the H2 headings to make smaller posts. It feels like I would be creating duplicate content as I would be repeating some of it.

Waiting patiently now to return to the AI posts, you've sold me on it. I was adamantly against them and all of your use case prompt tutorials made me a convert.



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