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Last Update: February 10, 2017

Influenza A continues on its war path!. I diagnosed two more cases of Influenza A today in the office. These patients were miserable and swore they would get the FLU shot next year.

It is estimated that if everybody in the United States was up to date on all their vaccinations, 50,000 lives would be saved per year. Yes, that is right! 50,000 lives!

If we could save 50,000 lives in any industry, it would be crazy not to mandate this intervention. Despite this fact, many individuals do not get their recommended vaccinations as advised by their physicians.

Another important aspect of being immunized, is that you are protecting other individuals, especially those that are frail due to age or underlying medical conditions, from contracting the flu, measles, mumps, etc.

The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks of the vaccines. The research literature supports this fact. So stop paying attention to some individual's blog site stating that vaccines are dangerous. You take a greater risk every day getting in your car and driving to work. But that does not stop you from driving to work. So do not let the rare risks and side effects of vaccinations prevent you from deriving the marked benefits that the vaccines offer you.

So here is my call to action!!! Go to your physician and find out what vaccines you are do for. And GET IMMUNIZED!


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SondraM Premium
Although I don't like to get annual flu vaccinations because I have to be held down for shots, this is an extremely important message.

It is kind of sad that you, as a doctor, need to take this to social media to spread the word to counter uneducated theories that get spread around on the internet.

I've personally learned the importance of vaccinating my animals against diseases the hard way..... People are so much more important than any animal.

Best wishes!
Dfoxmd1215 Premium
Thank you for your time in responding to my post. I appreciate your support in what I said in the post. I am sorry that you had to learn the hard way about the importance of vaccines. I hope it was not too traumatic. The important thing in life is to learn from the tough lessons that we are confronted with so that we don't make the same mistakes again. I wish you a wonderful weekend. I wish you a lifetime of health. David
SondraM Premium
A lot of people on the internet promote the "natural" movement and view vaccines as unnecessary or even worse as some sort of government/big industry manipulation.

I tried that approach with the animals on my free range/natural ranch. The best antibiotics could not save a few of my young animals from respiratory infections/flu that I could have prevented with routine vaccinations. Of the two that did survive, one's growth was stunted.

It would be a shame for children to become ill simply because their parents chose not to vaccinate them.
britty4418 Premium
You are so right. Thank you.