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I want to introduce you to my extended family. These are the people that care about you and your health. These are my colleagues. These are people who work tirelessly to make sure you do not get sick. And these are the people who take care of you when your are sick. These people are Family Physicians. I am proud to share them with you. Take a look at these videos and see what Family Medicine is all about. If you do not feel a close relationship with your Family Physician, then go out and get a
Influenza A continues on its war path!. I diagnosed two more cases of Influenza A today in the office. These patients were miserable and swore they would get the FLU shot next year.It is estimated that if everybody in the United States was up to date on all their vaccinations, 50,000 lives would be saved per year. Yes, that is right! 50,000 lives! If we could save 50,000 lives in any industry, it would be crazy not to mandate this intervention. Despite this fact, many individuals do not get the
February 09, 2017
Every 7 to 10 years, family physicians in the United States need to take a re-certification exam in order to maintain their certification status with the American Board of Family Medicine. I am currently preparing for the board re-certification by taking a review course created by the American Academy of Family Medicine. This course has rejuvenated my spirit for learning. I am learning new things each and every day. Despite practicing family medicine for 25 years, there is always something new
January 21, 2017
To reach any destination it requires a first step. Without this action, no goal can be achieved. Take your first step today. David
January 14, 2017
After a hiatus from wealthy affiliate for several months, I have returned with more focus. I created a new website for which I have lots of enthusiasm for and for which I believe has more potential to generate income. I have now gone through the Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses for a second time. I learned even more this time through. I learn best through repetition. The second time around I saw things from a differnt perspective than I did the first time through. I would encourage my
After doing 2 straight weeks of daily work at Wealthy Affiliate, I was unable to do anything the last 2 days due to work responsibilities and family duties. I started to feel guilty about it. I felt my momentum slowing down. I started beating myself up about it.Then I took a deep breath and refocused my thoughts. What I then saw was the truth about my present situation. I accomplished a heck of a lot over the last 2 weeks. I completed 2 certification course, I built a website, I learned how Wor
April 02, 2016
I thought I was getting involved with WA to make money. I would create a website. I would then link it to affililiates. Then the money would start to flow. Then I would be happy.What I found instead was that the critical part of my new journey was not the money but the relationships that I have developed along the way. I have met people from all over the world. I have met people with an endless variety of interests. I have met people who unselfishly help me when I need help in developing my web